PhenQ Complete Meal Shake Reviews (Latest Update) – Best Meal Replacement Shake?

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PhenQ Complete Meal Shake is a product produced by PhenQ. This meal shake is a replacement for normal meals of the day, which one may skip and have PhenQ Meal Shake. This supplement is meant to help reduce weight by reducing the appetite of a person and assists in providing the body with important nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, and fats in particular which is important for the body. There are two available products in which the PhenQ Meal Shake Supplement comes: Chocolate and Vanilla flavor. 

Nowadays people are looking to have their ideal body type and are hustling each and every day to get their ideal physique. To get one’s own ideal physique many people do a lot of things. Many people follow diet plans that will suit their needs. Many people’s idea of getting their ideal body isn’t just slimming down. It is about having a healthy body that is good enough to be physically competent. Mostly, people want to trim their waists and have that chiseled ripped muscular body or just trim down fat to healthier levels. Some people go to gym, workout and train themselves by CrossFit workouts, strength training, weight lifting, cardio etc. many people follow keto diet, no carb diet, or just carb diet, many people bulk or many people cut to show off the vascularity in muscles. 

The world is quite different than we know now, many people have switched their lifestyle and do not follow a healthy lifestyle. People are living life on the go. People have really bad sleeping patterns, eating habits: like binge eating or binge-watching shows while eating. Many individuals have a very stressful life and they eat their stress away. It has nothing to do with food but with all the emotions they feel and trying to find comfort they end up eating food. By the time people realize where they are they want to cut down on fat and try to make time with their physical health as it is important to reduce fat to healthier levels so that the body’s health isn’t compromised and is not followed by cardiac issues, cholesterol or blood pressure. 

The problem isn’t eating. It is about giving up those food cravings like sweets, savory foods that help find comfort. It is hard to get out of that comfort and leave and to have that big of an appetite which will make one eat loads of calories that will make one regret later. 

What if there was a product that helped people suppress their food cravings and replaces one of their food portion or meal of the day with something that can be healthy for them, it is also flavorful so that the cravings are fulfilled but calories are not compromised, which can be easily taken with any diet, or can be taken with any workout plan. It does not hinder the diet but helps provide important minerals. Which is what PhenQ Meal Shake helps with. It can help people with cutting down fat or for weight gain. Let’s see in detail what this supplement formula is and how it helps people with their weight loss or gain plans. 

PhenQ Meal Shake Supplement 

PhenQ Meal Shake Supplement is one of a kind dietary supplement made up of natural ingredients. This formula is a meal replacement for people who want to work on their physical health. It is a formula that can help men and women both who are trying to get their ideal physique. Some people want to gain weight and some people want to reduce weight and cut down fat. People have their preferences and they workout accordingly. Some people want to be bulky and have a certain amount of fat, some want to gain mass and some want vascularity. PhenQ can help people with super busy lives, who want to have a healthy life but do not want to compromise their time as well. The supplement has been made with people’s preferences and allergies in mind. This product is vegan and has no dairy in it. The product is nut free so that the people who have nut allergies don’t have to worry about using the supplement. The product is also gluten free which means that no unnecessary calories will enter one’s body. The product also has a particular ratio of vegan protein. It has a precise ratio of healthy fats in it and has 24 significant nutrients that are vitamins and minerals. It is also keto friendly, so that the people who follow the diet plans do not have to compromise on diets and have flavorful shakes that will help satisfy their appetite as well as help them get the nutrients that their body needs. It will replace one of their meals which can help in getting their desired weight to either reduce it or gain it. It is one of the ways to help people gain or reduce weight in a healthy way.  

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Benefits of PhenQ Meal Shake Supplement 

Some of the amazing health benefits of PhenQ Meal Shake are: 

  • Flavor:  

One of the most important aspects of the PhenQ Meal Shake Supplement is that it is flavorful. It has flavor which, when comes in contact with the taste buds helps reduce appetite and also fulfills cravings without having to compromise on calories. It isn’t like giving up on food overall that tastes good.  

  • Compatible: 

The supplement is very compatible with any diet, be it keto diet or no carb diet, or a diet that is full of proteins. The product is also compatible with any training or workout so that people working out don’t have to switch their training. It works well with any training. 

  • Rich in nutrients: 

One of the important aspects of the PhenQ Meal Shake Supplement is that it is rich in nutrients that are essential to the body so it helps achieve people healthy weight many people have been working on. It has good quantity of protein, vitamins and other macro and micronutrients that are essential for an individuals’ health.  

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  • Fulfilling

Like other liquids, meal shake isn’t just nutrient less liquid with no benefits. This meal shake is flavorful and fulfilling. It helps fulfill the food cravings a person has so that they do not eat more. 

  • Reduces appetite: 

The reduction of appetite from the body is great for those who are looking to trim down fat from their body. it helps reduce the intake of calories and thus it helps reduce the weight gain. 

  • Saves money: 

Many people have to pay a hefty amount on diets, that are either daily basis, weekly basis or monthly basis and have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars on food portions. PhenQ Meal Shake Supplement is affordable and does not require hundreds of dollars. It helps provide better nutrition with less amount of money so it goes easier on budget.  

  • Time saving:  

PhenQ Meal Shake Supplement was made with time saving in mind so that there is less time consumption for people who are busy, so that they don’t have to prepare food or order food, or subscribe to meal plans but just have a bag of PhenQ Meal Shake Supplement with oneself and when its time for the meal. Prepare the drink and have a glass of nutrient rich liquid that fulfils body’s cravings and food needs. 

  • Energizing:  

The supplement has an ample amount of potent nutrients, which help body get the energy to not only get through the day but also helps in supporting heavy workouts in the gym without compromising on the calorie intake.  

  • Boosts metabolism: 

The body’s entire functioning depends on metabolism and cell function which is what PhenQ Meal Shake Supplement helps boost. The supplement escalates the cell processes so that the body can get energy and also reduce fat and use the extra fat to help make energy for the body, helping remove excess fat.  


Usage of PhenQ Meal Shake Supplement: 

The usage of PhenQ Meal Shake Supplement is pretty simple. Whenever the meal time for an individual comes. Take minimum of 300 ml to maximum of 400 ml of water or milk, any milk almond milk, normal dairy milk, or vegan milk like oat milk, coconut milk etc. According to 1 preference add either 1 or 2 scoops of PhenQ Meal Shake Supplement than stir mix it, if at home put it in blender or whisk it as per ones liking and mix it till the PhenQ Meal Shake Supplement dissolves completely and there is no dry powder or lump in it. It can be used 3 times a day. 

There are a total of 9 servings per bag of PhenQ Meal Shake Supplement. This can replace a total of 9 meal portions. The servings are known by many as a cup of chocolate cake in a glass. It is very flavorful and filling. Do not added extra spoons of sugar in it. The PhenQ Meal Shake Supplement has a sweet flavor that won’t add to the nutrient intake of a person.  

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How is PhenQ Meal Shake Supplement is Different? 

There is a plethora of products available in the market for weight loss or weight gain. Most of these products are either some pills or some liquid medicine that reduces appetite with altering the body’s working or there are, laboratory made ingredients in the supplements which have side effects to their usage. Those supplements do not have any nutritional value and can not help give any good nutrition value or benefit to the body. The supplement itself is of no use because it is not made up of natural ingredients. Those supplements do not consider people’s preferences or diets. People have to switch their diets, workout plans, training methods etc. those products are not vegan friendly nor are those products keto friendly. The supplements have a very few significant nutrients in them. Those products are made up of cheap substances and are of no use, plus some of them are way too expensive or are not expensive at all but are harmful to body.  


On the other hand, PhenQ Meal Shake Supplement is made up of natural ingredients and is rich with 24 significant nutrients which helps get body good nutritional value. It does not magically reduce appetite but has natural ingredients that help achieve that. The supplement has no chemicals added to them so there are little to no side effects to the body. The supplement also has a very affordable range of price and has nutritional value to it. It also helps satisfies the hunger in healthier manner. So, that an individual does not have to follow unhealthy ways to get their desired shape of the body. The supplement as it is known is very compatible with any training and diet and helps achieve the desired goals with consistency and plan. The supplement has been made with people’s allergies and food preferences in mind as well as what diet they follow, so that people don’t fall short on important nutrients needed by the body. the supplement is light on the budget and helps replace meal with a healthy alternative. 

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Ingredients of PhenQ Meal Shake Supplement 

There are many natural ingredients in PhenQ Meal Shake Supplement. These ingredients help the meal shake become what it is.  

  1. InnoSlim:  

This ingredient is known to help people with weight loss. This ingredient helps reduce the glucose absorption in the body. this natural ingredient is made to help people reduce weight. The ingredient through the help of adjustment of AMPK, helps decline the intake of calories and helps support weight loss and helps improve it along with maintaining healthy weight along with reducing appetite and unwanted hunger.  

  1. KSM-66 Ashwaganda: 

This ingredient also helps support weight loss in the body. it also helps proliferate the amount of endurance of a person. It helps them be better at workout by giving them more time and more energy to lift, run, train. It also helps reduce stress which can also help suppress the want for food that gives the comfort to a person. The ingredient also helps get more muscular strength. The lower stress levels lead to decline in comfort food cravings when the ingredient is taken by oral cavity. 

  1. Pea Protein:  

The supplement has pea protein as one of the protein sources to supply protein to the body. the pea protein is comprised of a total of nine essential amino acids along with traces of leucine, arginine, valine, a good amount of iron and isoleucine. The pea protein is added to help support and build lean muscle mass. It is very digestible and the body will be able to absorb more and more nutrients without a stomach ache or stomach irritability that usually occurs due to protein sources or protein powders that are derived from dairy-based protein powders. This helps support healthy muscle growth. It is just as good as a whey protein is.  

  1. MCT Coconut Oil: 

This ingredient here is very important as it helps brain improve its function. It helps the brain to shift body’s function and helps body to burn fat into ketones rather than burning glucose as energy. So that there is weight loss and unwanted fat is reduced. It helps support metabolism based on fat-burning. The ketones made help brain reduce excessive hunger that leads to weight loss. 

  1. Reishi Mushroom Extract: 

This ingredient is an adaptogen which has many beneficial properties. The ingredient also has a plethora of benefits and nutrients. It helps decline fatigue in body as well as reduce tiredness. It increases the energy levels in the body. the supplement also helps improve brains’ logical functions and cognitive abilities. It also helps improve sugar levels in blood of a person.  

  1. Linseed Flour: 

This ingredient has many important nutrients like omega 3, vitamins, minerals as well as both the insoluble fibers and soluble fibers. The ingredient helps reduce inflammation in the body. it regulates the bowel movements in the alimentary canal. It also helps support the health of the heart. It reduces appetite so that there is less hunger.  

  1. Hemp Protein: 

This ingredient is added in the supplement too. This being complimentary to pea protein helps the body’s overall health. The digestibility of this protein is parallel to that of and egg as well as its effect as as a protein is equivalent to an egg. The protein also helps suppress the hunger for unhealthy foods and helps support blood sugar levels in the body.  

  1. Brown Rice Protein:  

This plant-based protein is extracted from brown rice. This protein coordinates with hemp protein along with pea protein and has equivalent effect and strength as whey protein. It is easily digestible and is completely plant based. It does not cause any irritability in the stomach.  

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How does the PhenQ Meal Shake Supplement work? 

The supplement’s working is based on its ingredients, the MCT Coconut oil helps switching of brain’s cognitive abilities to make body burn fat into ketones rather than burning glucose for energy. The ingredients like pea protein, hemp protein, and brown rice protein helps build lean muscle mass in body that has vascularity as well. InnoSlim by adjusting the AMPK triggers helps reduce the glucose intake in the intestine so that less glucose is absorbed. Ingredients like InnoSlim, Ashwaganda, MCT Coconut Oil, linseed flour help in reducing the need to eat food, hunger and appetite overall. The fibers in the supplement help digestibility and satisfy the cravings without adding extra calories.  


Price of PhenQ Meal Shake  

The PhenQ Meal Shake Supplement is only up for purchase on its website. It is not being sold anywhere else, neither online nor physically. Its only available at PhenQ’s online website. The purchase can also be made online only through credit cards or internet payment services.  

  • The price of one PhenQ Meal Shake Supplement is $ 26.95, 9 meals. One meal is around $3 only.  
  • The price of two PhenQ Meal Shake Supplement is $ 49.00 for two bags or $ 24.50 per bag, one meal is $ 2.77. 
  • The price of three PhenQ Meal Shake Supplement is $ 68.85 for three bags, for 1 bag it is $ 22.95 and one meal is $ 2.55.  

Enter personal information, contact information before checkout and after that add credit card details into the specified space and place order. The shipment is free on all packages. If one wants to pay less money than they can apply for monthly subscription and get 10% off on every monthly purchase.  

PhenQ Meal Shake Bonus 

There are bonuses that are complimentary to the purchase of PhenQ Meal Shake Supplement: 

  1. There is digital guide that comes with the purchase of PhenQ which helps one sip their way into a smaller outfit in a matter of 2 weeks. There are 10 shakes recipes that are very easy to make and help escalate metabolism of the body. 
  1. There is another bonus that is the e-book which helps in curbing craving in 30 seconds. The e-book has 10 late night treat recipes which will help fulfil any person with sweet tooth.  
  1. There are special discounts for PhenQ Members who subscribe to the product.  

Refund policy 

There is a 100% money back guarantee on the purchase of PhenQ Meal Shake Supplement. There is a 60 days money back guarantee on the purchase and a full refund. So, if some one is dissatisfied with the results, they can return the product for refund without any hassle. Just file for refund and 100% money will be refunded to the customer.  

Final Thoughts 

This PhenQ Meal Shake Supplement looks like a very smart initiative because it is helping people satisfy their cravings in a healthy manner which is something many people are looking for. Plus, it suppresses the appetite to help the body not eat more. It helps reduces hunger but also provides body with important nutrients which is also important because in many diets body is deprived of important nutrients.  

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