Things That Might Convince A Soccer Fan To Start Watching NFL


For a long time now, soccer fans and NFL fans have been involved in a feud about which sport is better and more exciting. Now, this rivalry has given us a lot of good and funny stuff, but it’s time to bury the hatchet and try to appreciate both of these wonderful sports the way they deserve. If you’re from Illinois, a state that is known for its love of sports, you can use the Illinois sportsbook promo codes to bet on both soccer and NFL. But if you’re a soccer fan who is looking for reasons to watch NFL, here are the 3 things that might convince you to give it a shot.

The Excitement And Drama

It’s safe to say that NFL is one of the most exciting and dramatic sports. Now, a lot of people will argue about this, due to the many interruptions during a game, but considering all the things that happen while the ball is in play, it’s pretty reasonable to say that American football is very exciting to watch. There are a lot of genius passes, wonderful runs, and dramatic throwdowns. What else do you need, right?

The Rivalries

Soccer has some of the most famous rivalries in the world of sports, but they are not as intense as the ones we see in NFL. For example, rivalries like Packers and Bears, Steelers and Raiders, or Cowboys and Redskins can bring the best and some of the most intense games in American football. In those games, you will see the fire in players’ eyes and their resolve to do whatever it takes to get the win for the fans.

The Importance Of Strategy

Every sport, it doesn’t matter if it’s a team sport or individual, requires a certain amount of strategic thinking. However, it would seem that this is most important in NFL. Why is this the case? Well, it’s simple. There are so many players on the field and individual quality can’t make a difference. This is why, when the teams are evenly matched, coaches have to come up with a strategy that will determine the winner in the end. Once you learn all the rules of the game, watching two talented coaches battle it out will look like watching an exciting game of chess. NFL is a sport that has it all, excitement, rivalries, and strategic thinking. Who wouldn’t want to watch that show?

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