Anna Scott | Appalled by Reparations Plan

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I am appalled at the idea that (the Biden administration) wants to pay illegal immigrants millions of dollars.

Where is the money coming from? If there is so much money, why wasn’t it used to repair the infrastructure in the United States, where all people can benefit from their tax monies? The American people are at the breaking point about what is happening to our country concerning immigrants along with all the other problems since Jan. 20.

We need leadership, not puppets.

Also, when men rape or kill a woman and go free, I would like to put a bill into effect: When a person kills another, his/her life should be taken immediately and not years later, and when someone rapes a woman, he is warned that if it happens again, he would be castrated immediately. You would see crimes and murders decrease immediately.

This bill would never pass because our leaders do not have the backbone to be real leaders anymore. They are more concerned about padding their own pockets. 

Anna Scott


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