BlxBuds Urgent Update [Must Read Reviews]- Don’t Make This Mistake With BLX Buds


In this innovative world of electronic devices and gadgets, small is the new big. The more powerful and smarter the technology, the more compact and sleek the object. There are examples galore. Right from thinner laptops sans USB ports and smartwatches, to wireless earbuds, the list is ever-expanding. 

In 2019, there was a market research carried out by Canalys, the leading worldwide technology market analyst firm. It found that wireless earbuds clocked a yearly increase of about 183 percent leaving wireless headphones and earphones well lagging. Can you believe a whopping 43 million wireless earbuds alone were shipped in the third quarter of 2019? So what makes these wireless earbuds so popular? 

Wireless earbuds offer endless freedom of movement and a vivid listening experience. But getting your hands on a good pair of earbuds is not an easy thing after all. The high-end ones are way out of your reach. While the moderate ones offer poor sound quality depriving you of the pleasure of listening to your favorite music or speaking to someone uninterrupted. 

Another significant disadvantage of these semi-expensive earbuds is their uncomfortable fit. These tiny speakers do not sit inside your ear canal properly causing them to fall off at the slightest jerk or physical exertion. However, even if you somehow manage to prevent them from falling out, holding them inside your ears for too long could be a painful exercise. 

So the next time you are on the lookout for a nice set of earbuds, we have good news for you. Yes. You heard it right. In this article, we are going to take you on a journey into the world of BLXBuds, the latest in advanced Bluetooth technology. According to the product website, these tiny, wireless, Bluetooth earbuds are not only easy on the pocket but also offer word-class audio performance.  

BLXBuds at a glance 

We will closely review the features of this product to give you an idea of how they work to provide the user with an amazing sound experience.  

Here, we will take into consideration what the product website says and then make a holistic assessment based on these inputs. The BLXBuds website lists down the special features of these earbuds very carefully and in substantial detail.  

So according to the website, BLXBuds are equipped with a dual Bluetooth 5.1 connection. This means you can pair them up with any mobile device that uses Bluetooth technology. These earbuds are compatible with laptops, tablets, phones and PC using Bluetooth technology. One of the other highly user-friendly features of these earbuds is that they consume very little power but provide the fastest connectivity. Designed to suit the needs of people who are constantly on the move or those engaged in physical activities, BLXBuds are comfortable to wear and provide an extended battery life. With these ultra-light, hands-free earbuds, you can enjoy music streaming up to a good 4.5 hours. 

This trendy pair of accessories is an extremely convenient and powerful source of audio. The BLXBuds harness the True Wireless Stereo (TWS) technology to offer an immersive sound experience covering a range as wide as the deep, low sub-bass instruments to the highest-frequency voices.  

But before we go further into the product, let us understand a little of what TWS technology is 

all about.  

What is True Wireless Stereo (TWS) technology? 

From the very name, it is quite obvious that no wireless technology would need wires or cables to connect to a media device for transferring sound. Nonetheless, some still depend on physical connections to make sure that different parts of a device work in tandem to produce the desired results. The dedicated wireless TV headphones are a case in point here. Although they are technically wireless, they still need an adaptor or an analog jack to connect to the media device. These wireless headphones work over radio frequency transmissions and belong to the non-Bluetooth category of course. 

But what about the Bluetooth headphones then? Do they also need wires? In the case of Bluetooth headphones, there are indeed no wires connecting your headphone to the media device. But there are wires joining the earbuds together. When you wear these Bluetooth headphones, this wire will wrap around the back of your neck. 

The wireless earbuds, on the other hand, which use True Wireless Stereo technology, have none of the above. They not only refrain from using wires or cables for connecting to a media device. But they also eliminate the use of cables or wires for establishing a connection between the earbuds or the speakers. TWS earbuds are powered by Bluetooth chips built inside the device. These microchips take the help of radio waves to transfer audio signals that ensure a wireless connection in the real sense of the term. There are many ways of connecting the TWS earbuds to the different media sources. Let’s take a look. 

  • Some use a single earbud as the main connection between the media device and the second earbud. 
  • While others transmit a signal to the media device and connect. 
  • The media device then forwards the same signal to the second earbud, resulting in an immersive sound experience. 

A more detailed overview of BLX Buds 

The BLXBuds come in a sleek, fashionable charging case that serves a dual purpose. While the charging case keeps both the earbuds safe and protected inside, it also helps recharge them. These earbuds can be easily used for making phone calls, attending video chats, and zoom sessions glitch-free. But do you know what makes all this possible? The presence of a microphone inside each earpiece is what makes the sound quality on phone calls par excellence. These earbuds have been designed to cater to all types of ear sizes. 

So despite being fairly new, the BLXBuds have already caught the fancy of people due to their overwhelmingly impressive features. Listening to music on the go seems to have taken an all-new meaning because of the beautiful stereophonic sound this device produces and that too at such an affordable price range. You can now enjoy movies, listen to podcasts while working out, jogging, walking, or bicycling without worrying about the wires getting stuck somewhere, or them getting abruptly disconnected. 

Their unique design is one of the other top reasons for people hankering after this device. As they are pretty, glamorous, and uniquely stylish, these buds can be worn with any dress to give the user a smart, sophisticated look. 

How do these earbuds work? 

These earbuds are designed using TWS technology. They can attach to your mobile device via Bluetooth. But this Bluetooth technology the BLXBuds use is a unique one. The BLXBuds come with advanced 5.1 dual independent Bluetooth connections which makes it possible to connect these earbuds individually to any device that has Bluetooth technology incorporated in them. What makes this technology even more special is the fact that it can establish this connection without a connecting wire between the two earbuds. BLXBuds have a connectivity range of 10 m, which is comparatively shorter. But after they establish the primary connection with a mobile device, they can easily auto-pair with other such a device within the same distance. 

Using these earbuds is also pretty simple as they are both lightweight and wireless. You need to first switch them on and then open the Bluetooth setting of your mobile device to establish a connection between the two. Once they are connected you can carry out a host of activities using them like listening to your favorite music, podcasts, making important phone calls, participating in zoom meetings, and so on. The sound that comes out of the BLXBuds is clear, distinct, and of premium quality. These earbuds are also noiseless and water-resistant. You can use them anywhere in a bus, car, train, library, at home, or even inside hotels rooms. 

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Technical Specifications 

Facilitates phone calls through microphones located in each earpiece – Each pair comes with a dual built-in microphone. The microphone enables you to make or receive phone calls even in crowded places with a lot of surrounding noise. It is this versatile feature perhaps that makes it a favorite with people both at work and also while traveling. 

Supports clear, fresh, and stereophonic audio reproduction – Equipped with TWS technology, these earbuds produce a sound that is of a highly superior nature to give the users an immersive listening experience.   

Enables faster charging through micro USB-USB A charging cable – The BLXBuds come in a charging case along with a micro USB -USB A charging cable. According to the product website, this holder that contains the cable and earbuds is a 300 mAh (milli-Ampere-hours) portable charging case. It is fitted with LED lights that indicate the battery level of the charging case in percentage. These earbuds take 1 hour to get recharged to their full capacity. This characteristic is quite unlike other earbuds with similar features which take much longer to recharge. Once you fully charge these earbuds, they will last you up to 4.5 hours without the need for a second recharge. 

Supports robust 5.1 Bluetooth connection – Using the 5.1 Bluetooth connection, these earbuds deliver stable connectivity. Once the earbuds are connected to your mobile device or laptop/tablet/desktop, the connectivity will remain pretty strong while you are within 32 feet (9.75 m) of these devices. Because this is the connectivity range which these BLXBuds support. However, it goes without saying that the connection will be the strongest once you are closest to your mobile device. 

But these are not all. There are several other powerful advantages of using these earbuds too, especially when it comes to saving up on power. As the BLXBuds come equipped with the most advanced Bluetooth technology, this leads to lower power consumption. At the same time, it also results in a higher speed of transmission, which is 2Mbps. 

Supports any software on your device – The BLXBuds are compatible with all leading software brands which makes them a highly-sought after product in the personal audio segment. They work equally well with mobile devices, using Android or iOS and also with PCs. 

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Features Of BLX Buds 

Let us quickly drill into the features of this product. 

Easy to use 

As these earpods are completely wireless, they pose no threat of getting dangerously caught in the tangling or dangling wires, which is one of the most common disadvantages of non-wireless devices. The BLXBuds are portable, and also convenient to use. They can be paired with any mobile device that uses iOS or Android. The BLXBuds can also be connected to your PC/Mac with ease. So you can now listen to any audio of your choice while walking, running, doing household chores or even relaxing. Being super light, these earbuds can be easily stored in your purse, sling bags, backpacks, the glove box of your car etc. 

Sleek design and adjustable silicone in-ear tips 

These lightweight audio accessories are made with sturdy material that gives them both durability and longevity. At the same time, they are also designed in a minimalist and subtle manner using black which gives these earphones an extremely stylish and a highly sophisticated look. This elegant design also helps in enhancing the appearance of the person who wears them by several notches. 

But this impressive design is not only restricted to the appearance of these earbuds. The design is also pretty ergonomical in nature. Most earbuds or headphones available in the market are known to cause extreme discomfort that take the form of headaches or ear pain from wearing them for too long. To minimize the level of stress, this device comes with three adjustable silicone in-ear tips for small, medium and large ears. Depending on the size of your ears you can adjust the in-ear tips for greater comfort. So no matter how big or small your ears are, these earbuds will fit in perfectly. 


These earbuds are both splash and sweat-resistant. It means you can wear them easily during workout sessions or any strenuous activity for that matter. You also need not worry if you happen to get caught in the rain someday while wearing these earbuds. The regular earbuds and headphones, on the other hand, get very easily damaged from water or sweat reducing their longevity by several years. Most of these non-splash-proof ones have no protection whatsoever which makes them susceptible to developing faults in quick succession rendering them unusable. But with the BLXBuds you can keep your worries in the backyard. They plonk themselves perfectly inside your ears, without making their presence felt while you enjoy the beautiful surround sound emanating from these tiny accessories. 

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Benefits of using BLX Buds earbuds 

Excellent sound quality 

With these earbuds, you get a very high quality sound which is at par with the high-end audio devices available in the market. The TWS dual speakers make listening to music on this device an absolute delight. You will be thoroughly charmed by the incredibly beautiful and deep, sound coming out of the dual in-built speakers together with the crystal-clear vocal renditions delivered even at the highest pitch. 

Portable and secure 

These earbuds are portable and come in a charging case. This charging case serves a dual purpose of protecting the accessories inside the box while also acting as a charging station for them. There is a micro USB-USB A charging cable available for charging your device. To charge the earbuds, what you need to do is first connect the A port of this cable to the charging point available in the case. You may then connect the other end of this cable to any USB port for charging the earbuds quickly. The buds take only an hour to get fully charged and has a battery life of 4.5 hours. While the charging case takes 1.5 hours. So you don’t have to spend either too much time charging this device or stressing over your important calls or favorite music getting snapped suddenly. 

When not in use, keeping these earbuds inside the charging case ensures that they are well-taken care of. If you are carrying them without a case inside your bag, they may get easily crushed if your bag slips off your shoulders and drops to the ground. Or, if the bag you are carrying your device in gets pushed around in a crowd. So there could be any eventuality resulting in your earbuds being damaged in case you are carrying them without a box. This charging case is like a cushion that protects your earbuds against any potential risk of damage. 

Extremely comfortable and top grade 

Made from superior grade plastic, these audio accessories are the ultimate name in comfort when it comes to wearing them for extended periods. The three silicone in-ear tips that come with the device ensure that no ear size feels left out or faces any inconvenience. Available for small, medium and large ears, these in-ear tips can be adjusted easily to accommodate the buds comfortably into the ears. So wearing these accessories you can move about freely without the fear of them dropping out of your ears. 

Provides unlimited freedom 

These True Wireless earbuds offer ample freedom to the users so that they can enjoy active lifestyles without getting inconvenienced in any way by the repeated use of uncomfortable earphones. These extraordinary BLXBuds are excellent for everyday use as they allow the users to perform a wide array of activities while wearing them. They are an ideal option for gaming, watching movies, listening to music while working out and so on. But that’s not all. They even allow you to drive around with them or carry out household tasks without the slightest hitch. However, anytime you don’t want to listen to the audio, you can immediately turn the playback button off or turn it back again whenever you want to. 

Affordable and stylish 

Despite providing so many wonderful features, these BLXBuds are quite pocket-friendly. They are both elegantly and ergonomically designed to enhance your appearance as well make you feel comfortable in them. They are made in such a unique way that allows them to stay firmly in place even while you are jumping around or moving about vigorously. 

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Where can you buy these earbuds? 

You can purchase these earbuds from the official website of the product which is They are not available for purchase in retail stores or on any other third-party website. So whenever you make up your mind to go for these earbuds, make sure that you visit the product website only. 

On the website you can also read about the features of the product in detail, its terms and conditions, refund policy and also get some of your most frequently asked questions answered. So once you visit the site, you can choose among the different units available. 

On the checkout page you need to enter your shipping address, select the payment method and fill out all the other necessary details. 

>>Click Here To Purchase The BLXBuds From The Official Website<< 

What is the BLX Buds refund policy? – Blx buds review 

The return policy is effective for 30 days from the time you receive the product. However, for the return policy to be applicable, the following conditions need to be satisfied. 

  • The product must be unused, unopened, untampered with, and in its original packaging 
  • The product must be shipped back to the seller through an appropriate delivery service and in a proper shipping container 
  • The product must be returned to the return facility address provided by the customer service team 
  • The shipping charges must be borne by the purchaser 

Once the company receives the product, they will notify you through email. The returns are processed within 30 days from the day of receipt of the returned product. Once the return has been processed, the company will let you know if it has been accepted or rejected. The approved refunds are paid back to the customer through the original mode of payment used at the time of purchase. But for payments made via credit card, the processing time may take up to 45 working days. It depends on the issuing company of the credit card and the refunded amount is reflected on the next available bank statement of the credit card. 

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How much does the product cost? – BLXBuds Reviews 

As soon you as you reach the order page of the website, you become automatically entitled to a 50% discount on all purchases. You can choose among the different packs. The available ones include: 

  • 1XBLXBuds 
  • 2XBLXBuds 
  • 3XBLXBuds 
  • 4XBLXBuds 

A single unit of earbuds is available for $49.99. While the double, triple and the 4-unit packs come for $99.99, $111.99, and $136.99 each. From the price brackets, you can well understand that the greater number of units you purchase, the bigger will be the discounted amount. This offer does perfect justice to the saying, the more the merrier. And they are also quite worth the purchase because of the value they generate. These earbuds are lightweight, compact, flexible and designed with the latest and the most improvised Bluetooth technology. So they make for wonderful gift items to be presented to friends and family. 

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Customer Reviews 

Let us see if the customers are giving this product a thumbs up or a thumbs down. The reviews are quite fantastic so far. 

People are enthusiastically testifying to the comfort level of these earbuds apart from the terrific high-fidelity sound they are getting out of them. The convenience and comfort level are indeed some of the most important aspects for consideration when purchasing earphones. Because they are supposed to minimize your hassles by keeping your hands free, while you are busy doing other stuff. On the contrary, if you are in perpetual discomfort after wearing them and have to be extra mindful, you would rather not go for them at all. The BLXBuds have an edge over the rest in this regard. They have been designed with a contoured body to give the users maximum comfort. 

For some customers who always wanted to own a pair of quality earbuds, but failed to due to the high price barrier, these BLXbuds have come as a boon. They are now able to get the same satisfaction they would have from the premium ones, but at a price well within their budget. Others find them excellent for workouts as they stay firmly in their ears, while they are jogging or bicycling. 

According to the testimony given by a particular customer from New York, he enjoys listening to music while jogging as it keeps him motivated. But he had become thoroughly frustrated with the branded headphones as they kept falling out constantly. Every time he had to stop in the middle of his run to pick them up. But since he started using the BLXBuds, there has not been even a single instance of them falling out of his ears. Also, because of the stylish appearance of these earbuds people feel much more confident using them. 

Commonly asked customer questions 

Are the BLXBuds water-resistant? 

These earbuds have an IPX4 rating which means they are resistant to water splashes from all directions. However, it does not mean that you can keep these earbuds immersed in water or take a swim while wearing them. Exposing them to excess water can impair the inner mechanism of these accessories. They are only designed to withstand splashes from water or any other liquid coming on to them. 

How are they different from other earbuds? 

These earbuds are so beautifully designed keeping the users’ comfort in mind that they never make you feel you are wearing anything in the ears. This is a special quality it shares with the premium brands in the market. With these earbuds, you can only hear crystal-clear audio without the slightest hint of pain in the ears which ensures their use over a sustained period. These earbuds have also been created with a lot of emphasis on the fact that people nowadays use more than one device. So BLXBuds can conveniently pair with laptops, tablets, phones, or PC. Equipped with advanced Bluetooth 5.1 and incorporating the incredible power of True Wireless stereo, these earbuds are one-of-their kind, giving a top-class performance at an affordable price. 

What should you do if one of the earbuds is not working? 

Sometimes it may so happen that one of them is out of charge. Because you may have kept it somewhere else out of the charging case for too long or may have been using that particular earpiece continuously. If that is the case, you need to simply recharge it and you are good to go. However, if that is not the scenario, there is a possibility you may have triggered the single earphone mode. To resolve the issue, you need to double-click the right earbud. This will put both the earbuds in pairing mode. Then re-pair with your device and enjoy uninterrupted music streaming for 4,5 hours. 

What do you need to do if you want to answer calls? 

You only need to press the side button on the earbuds to answer the calls and then press it again to disconnect. 

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BLXBuds are one of the most affordable and high-performing earbuds available in the market right now. Their unique features make them the toast of music lovers who want to enjoy their audio on the move or in private. Providing an audio range of 20Hz to 20KHz while capitalizing on the most advanced Bluetooth technology, these earbuds have come to be regarded highly for their best-in-class performance. Right from the design to the material used these earbuds are a perfect synthesis of style and quality. If you’d like to purchase one for yourself or a loved one then you can do so from the official website by clicking the link below; 

>>Click Here To Purchase The BLXBuds From The Official Website<< 


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