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Doctors say their studies showed an increase in weight loss 2 to 3 times more than those not taking any Garcinia Cambogia Extract, which resulted in up to 10 pounds or more per month without change to diet or exercise.  Click Here to Visit Official Garcinia Extra Website 

Garcinia Cambogia is a “Dual Action Fat Buster” that suppresses appetite and prevents fat from being made. Pure Garcinia Cambogia Premium is one of the latest trendy supplements in the diet industry. It has been featured heavily in the media as a powerful weight loss aid — and even been called “the holy grail of weight loss” by some. 

It is also said to boost your metabolism, increase your energy, and burn away even the most stubborn fat — the last pounds you just can’t lose no matter how hard you work at it. 

Sounds great, doesn’t it? But remember this: 

Like many diet aids it has been criticized as nothing more than a gimmick, a fad diet or an outright scam — however many trusted sources, including well known experts in the medical field, claim it delivers rapid weight loss. 

With this inconclusive media coverage — some loving it, other hating it — I had to try it myself. I’m a blogger after all, and I figured this little test would be a good basis for a new article.  

Why I decided to test it 

I tested Garcinia myself after I already started my journey towards a slimmer me — so I already knew how my body responded to diet and exercise “out of the box”. I therefore thought it would be interesting to see the difference. 

This review will go into detail so you may have a better idea if this product is right for your weight loss journey. 

Hopefully it will help you make a qualified decision, and I’m happy to answer any quetions you might have in the comments field below. Click Here to Visit Official Garcinia Extra Website 

What is it exactly? 

You may not know what exactly garcinia cambogia is except for the fact it seems to be featured in the media as the latest must have “super-food” that can blast away your unwanted body fat. 

It is a tropical fruit (Also known as Garcinia gummi-gutta) native to Indonesia and looks like a small green colored pumpkin. 

This fruit has been hailed as an all natural fat burner by various media sources, including Dr. who has praised it to a great degree on his television show. This made the supplement’s popularity soar like many other products he has featured on his program. Now this product is easily found for purchase both in health stores and online retailers — however, and this is important, not all Garcinia supplements are the same

chemical composition

What are the benefits of Garcinia gummi-gutta? 

This product is said to help you lose more weight than dieting and exercising alone. The company claims that in clinical trials those who took the supplement lost more than double the weight than those that did not in an eight week period. The active ingredient is hydroxycitric acid which is said to block fat and suppress your appetite. 

It can inhibit an enzyme called citrate lyase which is supposed to make it more difficult for your body to make fat out of carbohydrates. Studies from the company performed on rats have shown decreased fat and a lack of appetite and their clinical trials on humans show similar results. 

These studies seem to provide good evidence that the product is very effective. 

The company’s published studies might be convincing enough for you to try it. If you struggle with losing a single pound this might give your metabolism that extra kick to help you lose weight faster. It is also said to help with appetite control so if you are someone who suffers from binge eating this could completely zap your food cravings. Some users even find it’s very easy to push away a plate of their favorite junk food. The desire to binge eat is simply not there anymore. You might even forget to eat but it’s important to do so as eating too little combined with a diet supplement can make you feel very weak and woozy. 

Click here to buy 100% pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract (Trusted US provider) Click Here to Visit Official Garcinia Extra Website 

What you need to consider before you buy garcinia cambogia 

There are some factors to consider whether to purchase this product, some of which you should think over if you do decide to buy it. 

The first is the price of the supplement. As you can see, this can be costly for the average consumer, but if you are tired of trying to lose weight you may willing to pay any price. If I can lose weight faster, I would “make that money back” in other areas of my life, by having more energy, feeling more awake and healthier — and being able to spend more time with my family. 

This product promises you will see dramatic fat loss without much change to your daily routine. For people who find it hard to find time to exercise or cook a healthy meal this can be a godsend. Between work, child care, and other daily activities, it is difficult to exercise and eat right when your life is so hectic. This is why this product is perfect for someone who is constantly on the go. 


The dosage depends on the strength and amount per serving. All providers should give you a information sheet along with your product that explains the dosage, use and potential side-effects. 

Like anything you take orally, there are some potential side effects. Thankfully, the side effects for this product are generally mild, ranging from headaches, nausea, and an upset stomach. If these symptoms worsen at anytime then it’s wise to stop taking the supplement and contact your doctor. Many customers — even when experiencing these side effects — are so satisfied with their weight loss that these side effects are a small price to pay for achieving their goal weight so quickly and easily. At the very least these side effects are easily managed, and some users say they had absolutely no side effects at all. 

User testimonials and reviews online 

You can also look at actual user testimonials online about this product to have an idea on how this product might affect your body — like this one. I personally like to read reviews, but it can be hard to find unbiased reviews with actual scientific backing. What I try to do here, is to give you both information on the product, provide references to peer-reviewed studies and offer my honest opinion. 

Reviews online are generally favorable. There are a small handful of negative reviews but many customers are satisfied with their purchase. Most say that they tried every commercial diet or program and they only lost a few pounds at most, or even that they lost no weight at all, before they introduced this product into their life. These customers have called the product “miraculous” and that is was the only product that truly worked for them. Some users even claim to have lost up to 30 pounds in a few months when before they could barely lose five pounds. 

For me; how did it work? 

I didn’t lose 30 pounds in a month like some other claim to have done. However I didn’t have that much weight to lose in the first place, I was sort of midway in my diet, and we all know that the rate of fat loss tends to decline after a while. 

However, I did see an improvement

I went from losing between one and two pounds per week, with regular diet and exercise (basically working out more, eating more healthy — nothing fancy), to losing between 3 and 4 pounds. One week I even lost 5. This may not sound incredible or shocking (or any other synonym of those), but it’s actually doubling my weight loss. If I started taking it earlier, I would probably see the same results then. 

In combination with dieting and exercise 

Like all diet aids, this product comes with the disclaimer stating that results are best achieved with a reduced diet and with regular exercise. You may be wondering why you would even need to diet and exercise if this pill is supposed to do all the work. 

While the product does help you burn more fat, it simply cannot burn a huge surplus of calories. Unfortunately there is no supplement that can do that. However, this product is meant to suppress your appetite making it very difficult to eat a large amount of food, thus making you drop the pounds fast. This supplement works best if you eat less than you normally do, however garcinia cambogia makes it so you don’t want to eat. This makes for nearly effortless weight loss. Many users don’t even exercise while on it 

As you probably know this product enjoyed massive popularity after Dr. dedicated an episode to his show on it. He went into depth on how garcinia cambogia works in the body. He claimed that this product can help you lose double the amount of weight you would lose with just diet and exercise alone. The fact that an accredited doctor has personally endorsed it speaks to the product’s credibility. His ability to reach a wide audience made many people aware of this superfruit and has helped make it well-known diet aid. 

If you are worried about putting something unknown into your body, remember that garcinia cambogia has been around for years.  

It is only recently that it has been know in the West for its powerful weight loss results. With many diet aids they are filled with synthetic chemicals and ingredients you can’t even pronounce. Pure Garcinia Cambogia is an all natural ingredient that works with you body and won’t give you the really unpleasant side effects that most diet pills do. 

Anyone who has taken a metabolism booster or an appetite suppressant has surely experienced the cold sweats, irregular heartbeat, or awful restlessness that comes along with it. This product makes you burn fat without feeling like your heart is going to beat out of your chest. 

Negative sides of garcinia 

The few negative drawbacks would have to be the high price, potential side effects, and that your results are not guaranteed. This is true of any diet aid though, and like other products this supplement would work best with a lower calorie diet. 

There is no overnight cure to lose a lot of fat but this product can help you reach your weight loss goal easier. The fact that it can help suppress your appetite will make it easier to resist temptation. Eat a little less than you normally do and the weight should melt off. You don’t even need to exercise, which might be better as exercising on a diet pill can make you feel very fatigued. 

This truly is a low effort way to lose weight. 

The conclusion – Does Garcinia Cambogia really work? 

For many users this product is nothing short of miraculous. It manages to trick the body into burning stubborn fat without harming it. If you read reviews online, many users say it was the one thing that really worked for them. Many people simply don’t have the time or energy to invest in an active healthy lifestyle so this product is perfect to give a little boost. 

Once you reach your desired weight you can start to maintain it by eating healthier and exercising if you wish. This product has helped many people lose weight and more importantly keep it off. Since it’s an appetite suppressant, people can learn to differentiate between boredom or actual hunger, and when they stop taking the product remember how it feels to be truly hungry. 

Even once you stop taking the supplement you can maintain your weight with just a little bit of discipline. If you are tired of trying and failing to reach your goal then perhaps it is time to give Pure Garcinia Cambogia Premium a try. 

Where to buy Garcinia – and which one should you get? 

There are a number of places online where you can buy it. To make sure that you get the real deal, we recommend to use one of the providers below. I’m not saying other providers are scams, but when buying these products, buying from a trusted provider is important, as you will know for a fact that the product is made after US and FDA standards — and that you’re getting pure garcinia and not some counterfeit or reduced strength lookalike. 

The product I chose — after spending several hours researching — is US made and they offer a 100% money back guarantee. This is a no questions asked refund — so if you’re not completely satisfied or you feel it didn’t work as advertised, you get a full refund! 

These are well-known companies in the medical industry, and buying from them is perfectly safe. 

I bought Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract from here (US provider), and I can highly recommend it! 

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