Gary Curtis | Vaccines Slightly Reduce Transmission

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

COVID-19 vaccine proponent Bill Gates now admits the mRNA-derived formulas “only slightly reduce the transmissions.” These experimental drugs seem to lose effectiveness within six months and require booster shots, similar to the flu shot. Gates said, “We need a new way of doing the vaccines.” 

Others feel the draconian efforts of governments and their ever-changing health analyses are alarming, if not tyrannical. Rather than working to protect the most vulnerable among us, the vaccination mandates are forced on nearly the whole population, even those already immunized by having had the illness. These “approved for emergency use only” vaccines and freedom-thrashing mandates have proven to be ineffective and inefficient for many.

It seems that if a few scores of people get sick after drinking a certain fruit juice, it is recalled from store shelves immediately. But, as one online forum commenter points, out if our government’s own VAERS reporting system receives 875,000 adverse-effects reports — including 135,000 “serious” ones, with nearly 92,000 related hospitalizations — the reaction is, “Hey, let’s vaccinate the kids, too!”

I agree with the commenter: “This is madness.”

Gary Curtis

Santa Clarita

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