How Do You Make a Natural Hair Mask at Home?


Hair constantly suffers from the negative effects of weather factors, and it is also adversely affected by poor urban ecology, constant stress, unhealthy diet, lack of vitamins. The constant use of styling products, curling, straightening, dyeing and other hairdressing procedures also have a negative effect on the condition of the hair. Home hair mask nourish hair along its entire length, strengthen roots, prevent hair loss and provide overall health. 

Unlike other hair products that have only a superficial conditioning effect, natural hair masks provide deep penetration into the hair structure, scalp and provide a long-term complex effect. Since the components of professional masks work at a deep level, quality exposure takes time, usually from 5 to 20 minutes.

Types of hair mask and their purpose 

It is important to follow the instructions for use — apply masks to dry or damp hair, before or after washing, maintain the required time, and create additional heat. You also need to pay attention to which part of the hair the mask is applied to — only on the ends, on the roots or along the entire length. The most common are the following types of natural hair mask:

  • For dry hair. They are designed for intensive moisturizing: as a result, the hairs will stop breaking and exfoliating, the hair acquires a beautiful and healthy look.
  • For growth. If you want long, healthy hair, special formulas can help boost growth and keep your roots healthy. 
  • Hair mask for fine hair. They are suitable for owners of thin and weak hair: long-term strengthening will return density and strength.
  • For split ends. The flaking tip problem is familiar to many. Special masks help to cope with this and give the hair a healthy look. 
  • From falling out. Correctly selected masks prevent hair loss and accelerate growth, this allows you to maintain the beauty and health of your hair, regardless of age.

You can also look for special formulations to combat dandruff, shine, protect against excessive fragility and other purposes. 

How to choose a hair mask  

The choice of a hair mask is influenced by two factors: firstly, the actual needs of your hair at the moment, and secondly, the type of hair. With the first point, everything is clear — if hair falls out, you need a strengthening mask that stimulates the hair roots. If your hair is growing slowly, you need a toning mask. If your hair is dull and lifeless, then look at energy masks for hair shine. If your hair starts to get tangled and split at the ends, pay attention to smoothing and restoring masks.

Unlike conventional masks, professional products are of high quality. The compositions of professional keratin repair hair masks saturate the hair with a substance such as ceramide, which has a unique ability to restore its structure. Small particles of ceramide fill the pores destroyed by the pathogenic effect of the voids in the curls.

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