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While Health is wealth, health also has had its great contribution to beauty. This is proven in several cases where certain deviations from normal state of health affect what we wear and how we wear them due to obvious unpleasant changes that not only cause uneasiness in the human body system but also result in certain disturbing physical characteristics that threaten to be lifelong if left untreated. The nail fungus is a typical example. Not only do you avoid your favourite sandals, you almost always have to keep your feet covered and possibly abandon your nail care and aesthetic routine for a while or completely depending on severity of infection.

This journey for the promotion of Health and beauty led to the discovery/production of Funginix which is directly targeted by its makers at the elimination of the nail-eating microorganism and the reestablishment of normal nail health.

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Committed to the creation of the safest and most effective health care products, Sisquoc Healthcare Inc. is an Internet based health wellness beauty company concerned with the provision of high quality products for specific conditions that induce pain, discomfort or simply interrupt normal well being.

 Reputably, they have been responsible for the manufacturing of products regarded as some of the best for health and beauty over a number of years including;

·        Acne scar stem cell serum

·        Appetite suppressants and detox which both promote weight loss.

·        Wart remover

·        Arthritis pain relief

·        Menopausal formula which reliefs symptoms of menopause.

·        Phytozine which eliminates and cures ringworm.

·        Lightening and brightening creams

Located in the city of Newport beach California, USA, Sisquoc Healthcare have continued to remarkably stand out in the health and wellness industry especially with Funginix which has remained their top selling product till date and is considered one of the finest products in the treatment of nail fungus.

After about ten years in America, they have achieved an excellent conversion rate and strong customer satisfaction and arguably one of the highest commission structures in the health and beauty industry.

Funginix review

With a combination of traditional and herbal medicine, Funginix  consists of natural ingredients as the best blend of antifungal agents all approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which act to eliminate fungus that attack and destroy healthy nails. Components of this product include essential oils like tea tree oil, lavender oil, clove among others which are powerful antimicrobial agents tested specifically to act against fungi .

They have antiseptic, anti inflammatory, astringent and fungicidal properties and can be otherwise referred to as fungus – fighting extracts. While the product is praised for its effects, customers are advised to patiently follow through with treatment as ingredients are mostly natural and would take time to completely eradicate the fungus.

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How To Use Funginix

1.     Clean the affected area with soap and warm water. Dry thoroughly.

2.     Apply topically several times on top, underneath the nails and around the cuticle by the use of an applicator brush then allow to dry for a few minutes (usually 3-5 minutes). This is to allow easy penetration into surrounding tissues.

3.     To be applied twice daily (morning and night) or as directed by a physician.

 Funginix ingredients;

§  UNDECYLENIC ACID; This is the active ingredient (about 10%) . It belongs to the group of medicines referred to as antifungal derived from castor oil. It works to destroy the fungus and prevent regrowth.

§  WATER; It serves as a base for ingredients and enhances trouble- free application.

§  PRUNUS AMYGDALIS DULCIS (sweet almond oil); base oil which facilitates the deep transport of ingredients that enhance healing into the nails and tissues. It also reduces itching and soothes inflamed tissues.

§  OLETH- 10 PHOSPHATE; acts as an emulsifier.

§  TRIETHANOLAMINE; chemical which improves texture of the blend and intensifies absorption of ingredients which promote healing.

§  POLYSORBATE 20; acts as a surfactant, emulsifier, fragrance ingredient and also has a soothing effect.

§  ACRYLATES COPOLYMER; type of plastic employed as an adhesive.

§  GLYCERIN; prevents fungus and cracking of the nails by balancing the moisture content of skin and nails, it also blends and binds ingredients to permit proper absorption.

§  PROPYLENE GLYCOL; a humectants which increases moisture retention in skin and serves as a solvent for other ingredients.

§  UVA URSI (Bearberry extract); mineral rich herb which grows in dry soil and atv optimal rate. It  reduces the melanin (brown pigment) production.

§  BETA GLUCAN; an enchinocandin with a wide range of antifungal activity. It enhances the activity of the immune system.

§  PROPOLIS EXTRACT; concentrated substance made by bees which aids healing and fights infection.

§  ALOE BARBADENSIS JUICE; reduces inflammation and soothes the skin.

§  TOCOPHERYL ACETATE (Vitamin E); provides nourishment and antioxidant effect i.e. destruction of free radicals, stabilizes other ingredients and enhances healing.

§  CAMPHOR; possesses antifungal properties, gives cooling sensation and reduces discomfort.

§  MENTHOL; promotes coolness and acts as a local anaesthetic.

§  MELALEUCA ALTERNIFOLIA (Tea tree leaf oil); with its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties it reduces and calms redness and swelling and is also thought to prevent and remove scars as well as deep cleanse tissues.

§  LAVANDULA AUGUSIFOLIA (Lavender oil); inhibits the growth of micro organisms, supports healing, reduces inflammation, promotes comfort and relives itching.

§  JASMINIUM OFFICINALE (Jasmine oil); this has antiseptic properties beneficial in the treatment of skin infection. It reduces sensitivity and relives dry itching or peeling of the skin.

§  EUGENIA CARYOPHYLLUS (clove oil); destroys fungi and other micro organisms.

§  THEOBROMA CACAO (Cocoa seed butter); edible fat extracted from cocoa bean. It acts as a lubricant and moisturizer.

§  ROSA CANIEA (Rosehip flower oil); rich in essential fatty acid and antioxidant, it aids tissue and cell regeneration in the skin, soothes and decreases inflammation.

§  CETYL HYDROXYETHYL CELLULOSE; compound derived from plants which acts to refine texture of the product.

§  ETHYLHEXYLGLYCERIN; multifunctional ingredient relieves inflammation and itching.

§  PHENOXYLETHANOL; reduces irritation.

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Although none were listed on the website, label and product package, allergies, neuropathy, open lesions, impaired circulation, hypersensitivity are possible factors or conditions which make treatment inadvisable.


None listed.


§  Absorb deeply and penetrate the nail bed.

§  Contains essential oils which nourishes and soothes the skin.

§  Refund policy (money back guarantee) in the absence of effectiveness.


§  Only effective for fingernail and toenail fungus.

§  Results could take several weeks.


As shown on the official manufacturer’s website, One month supply of Funginix cost about $22.95

Two months supply of Funginix cost $29.95

Three months supply of Funginix cost $36.95

Considering that complete extermination of the fungus may require about 3-6 months of treatment, the total cost  could be  about $150- $300, maybe more .

Discounts of the product are available with multiple purchases.

Where To Buy Funginix

Funginix is available for sale on the company’s official website and by several Amazon vendors. You can buy funginix at Amazon ( here is the Amazon link ) but the best bet is to buy via their official website as they offer discounts which Amazon doesn’t offer.

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The product shows effectiveness in about two weeks or less following use. In the absence of successful treatment, there is a refund policy.

For a period of sixty days after purchase, the manufacturers accept returns of both unopened and opened products. A full refund is granted after the provision of receipts, description of complaint and product container.

A moist and cool environment is an ideal home for a fungus and this is specifically provided beneath the nail bed where the dermatophyte enters and begins its growth. While Funginix takes time and requires consistent treatment, due to its constitution of natural products a direct erasure and/ or awareness of the causative factor would go a long way in preventing reinfection.

Funginix is primarily formulated for the topical treatment of nail fungus and severity may determine how long within the period of three to six months one should consistently continue treatment with the product in order to totally get rid of the fungus, sometimes this could take up to a year. While the product gets excellent reviews from time to time, feedback concerning lack of effectiveness have been noted. Even while considering that some customers might not have been patient or applied the treatment as instructed, the possibility that this formula might not totally work or even have any positive effect at all for some persons with cases of the infection is not totally ruled and this leaves room for an adjustment to something that would suit a larger population fighting the fungus as the manufacturers stay excited about the years that lie ahead.

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