Tactic Air Drone Reviews: Must Read Before Buying

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Memories are for a lifetime. And to make them even more special you like to box those precious moments in your cameras. As you look over those images or videos afterward, you may notice they have come out pretty satisfactory. But you are soon stirred into thinking why the extraordinary factor is often missing, especially with outdoor shots. The fault is not yours. It is the limitation of a handheld camera. No matter how superior your camera is, its field of view will always be restricted.  

So when taking shots that need larger area coverage, it is best to go with drones. They are also ideal for shots that need focus from the top. Yes, here we are talking about personal or consumer camera drones that people these days are heavily relying upon for capturing outstanding visuals. Whether you are a vlogger, social media enthusiast, photographer, or traveler, drones can be useful. But purchasing a premium branded drone is an expensive affair. And if you want to save money and settle for an inexpensive one, it may disappoint you big time. Because most of the cheaper versions come equipped with awkward controls and greatly unimpressive features. 

The faulty controls make these drones prone to accidents. They run the risk of crashing into a tree any moment, while airborne. So how about one that gives you all the cool features of a premium drone, but comes at an unbelievably low price? 

That’s where the Tactic Air Drone comes into play. It promises to take your aerial photography skills to new heights. 

Tactic Air Drone 

This powerful, portable, easy-to-use, and affordable drone, has now ousted the rich from their position of monopoly as far as using personal drones is concerned. With this sleek device, anyone can now have the luxury of taking spectacular bird’s eye shots, amazing poolside selfies, or shooting awe-inspiring pan videos. 

Fitted with highly powerful engines, this drone is extremely agile in the air. It can be operated either through a remote controller or by taking command on your mobile phone with WI-FI connectivity. 

According to the official website of the product, this revolutionary drone has two 4K HD cameras, one at the front and the other one at the bottom. While the upper HD camera gives you a wide-angle view of your surroundings, the lower camera gives you a peek into what is underneath. The cameras are combined with an advanced photography mobile app that allows you to control the drone as well as the camera functions. 

This quadcopter camera drone has only one button for the following actions: 

controlling takeoffs 

controlling falls 

bringing the drone to an urgent stop to avoid collisions 

You can fly this object for close to 20 minutes and it has a couple of smart flight modes. The drone is geometrically designed to enhance its flight precision. You can manipulate its movements through hand gestures also. There is a follow-me mode which when activated, allows the drone to follow you around. 

Manufactured by Hyper Sls Ltd, credited for making high-quality products at affordable ranges, this drone is priced below $100. Its compact size also makes it easily carriable. Large drones are often intercepted at airports making them difficult to carry on your trips. But this versatile quadcopter which weighs only 0.3200 kg comes with a foldable design. This unique architecture of the device makes check-ins at airports hassle-free. 

The device may be lightweight. But its 4 carbon fiber propellers exude enough strength to support weight worth 400 lbs at any point in time. It is a perfect choice for both newbies and experienced pilots. The drone has an advanced pressure sensor that allows it to stay at an altitude. This way you can make use of the full potential of the cameras as you no longer have to keep meddling with the knobs and buttons while recording. This feature is particularly beneficial for those looking to take their photography or videography skills to an altogether different level. 

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Features Of The Tactic Air Drone 

Dual camera – As you already know this drone comes equipped with two 4K HD cameras. While one of them is placed on the front, the other one is installed on the bottom. 

Note that while recording front photographs or videos on this drone, you can also view the bottom shots from the camera located on its belly. The latter appears as a split-screen or picture-in-picture. The HD camera also allows you to live stream video footage to your smartphone which you can then edit using the in-built video filters. 

When you are operating the device from the mobile app, the live aerial view provided by the drone allows you to change the following: 

the focus of either camera 

the degree of the lens 

switch from videos to still photographs 

You can do all of this at the touch of a button. All these features together are capable of offering the user professional aerial photography productions. 

The mobile app contains all the features that enable you to make edits to your videos and photographs, on the go like a true professional. Video filters including Natural, Nostalgic, Emboss, Lively, etc allow you to make instant edits to your live shots. You may even add screen flips or music while recording live videos, using other controls. You can then share those videos and pictures on social media, using the same app. 

However, if you thought you can only live stream from the front camera, think again. The one placed on the drone’s belly can also live stream video footage directly to your smartphone with the same gusto, claims the website. Also, note that both the cameras can live stream to your smartphone simultaneously. This results in two feeds appearing on your screen at the same time. The website says both the 4K pixel cameras are capable of HD videos and a still picture resolution of 4096×3072. This dual-camera feature is quite a departure from tradition because even the most advanced drones feature only one camera. 

This drone has 4 channels with led lights and a 6 axis gyroscope which gives the cameras stability and also firmness. Equipped with a calibration function, the gyroscope also facilitates level and smooth flying, allowing you to shoot with ease and comfort. This feature results in greater image clarity. The fixed-point technology allows the device to hover steadily which improves the quality of fixed height aerial photography. Also, to prevent damage caused to the device, this flying craft has been designed with stuck and low power protection. All these integrated technologies together make this drone an advanced flying machine. 

Intelligent sensors – The smart sensors had so long been the prerogatives of the top-tier drones only. But with the Tactic Air Drone, these features have now become accessible at a reasonable price. Let’s look at the different flight modes this drone offers: 

[Follow-Me Mode – When you activate this mode, the drone follows you around. In this flight mode, the drone sensors lock onto the transmitter, track your movements and adhere to the flight path you choose. The follow-me-mode allows you to take selfies or moving shots effortlessly. This is ideal when you go on a hike, go trekking, riding, or even bicycling. This flight mode is also called Smart Recognition Portrait Follow as it follows a certain photography subject. You can command the drone to perform this action with a swipe on the mobile device. 

Trajectory Mode – You can enjoy an automated flight with this mode by drawing a designated flight path on the mobile screen. The aircraft will traverse the chalked out path and come back to you. 

Gesture Mode – This default smart gesture mode is a perfect choice for taking great selfies. Here, you can control the drone’s movements through hand gestures when it is in proximity. This is facilitated by the cameras which follow the default right-hand signal to shoot photos or videos hands-free. What you only need to do is either extend your palm to the lens or hold up two fingers that act as signal commands. 

Equipped with different speed controls, you can also adjust how fast or slow you want to fly the drone. 

Durable Lithium battery – The drone has a long battery life that allows it to stay in the air for full 20 minutes when fully charged. This is possible due to the strong lithium battery which makes sure you get enough time to take the best shots of your life. The drone also has an in-built anti-collision system that prevents the device from hitting obstacles when airborne. This elevates your experience of taking shots with the drone by several notches. 

Portable and Lightweight – This amazing quadcopter is 100% portable and lightweight. Its foldable design is the result of a well-researched three-dimensional folding technology. The Tactic Air Drone can be folded to 13.6×8.5×6 cm in its cool carry case. 

But are you apprehensive that the flight of your drone could be affected when you subject the device to multiple folds? Then you may relax. According to the website, this unique three-dimensional folding technology is designed in a way so as not to affect flight stability even after several folds. 

The drone weighs only 0.3200 kg. This allows the drone to be accommodated into any bag and carried wherever you like. However, to increase its longevity, the drone also comes in a carry case, supposedly made from carbon. The case looks quite pretty and stylish. This outside covering also helps protect the device from yeast, microbes, bacteria, germs, mold, fungi, and dust mites. 

Anybody can use the drone according to their photography preferences. But the website claims it has been specially designed for beginners. The user-friendly features make this drone easy to handle and control. If you are new to aerial photography, it might take quite a while to get yourself up to speed. In these circumstances, if the batteries tend to run out quickly, you will hardly have the time to experiment with your photography skills and learn more about this art. So to make learning easy and your experience fun and enriching, this flying craft has been designed to provide extended flight time. Thanks to the interchangeable modular batteries. There is so much to look out for in this camera drone. The wireless remote control and the mobile phone integration features make it one of the most sought-after drones for aerial photography. 

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How does the drone work? 

According to the manufacturer, anybody can fly the drone and use it for taking premium quality pictures and shooting videos. You do not require any special skills for operating the device as it comes with intelligent features which are intuitive in nature. 

The makers advise you to charge the drone’s battery after the device arrives. It might take up to 2 hours to charge the drone. After the device is charged, you can download and install the drone app on your smartphone connecting it to the quadcopter. The drone also comes with a remote controller that has a mobile attachment mount at the base. 

Once the device is ready, you can start using it within a 100 m range and take selfies and videos of your choice. There are joysticks available that help you to maneuver the drone in any direction. You need to calibrate the sensors after you get the drone. You can also control the device using the app on your mobile phone. 

The gadget has some reprogrammed shots like asteroid and boomerang that allow you to capture pictures and videos like a pro. 

The motor features of Tactic Air Drone in a nutshell for quick reference: 

Mobile Phone APP for controlling the flight, video, and photographs 

Carrying case for protecting the drone against attack from different elements 

Advanced technology for enabling stabilized flights with light flowing from a fixed source 

Different speed controls for adjusting them according to needs 

Modular batteries with large capacities for facilitating prolonged flight time 

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Benefits of using Tactic Air Drone  

This drone is growing in popularity because it incorporates military technology. Packed with the latest features that ensure high performance, this drone can be used in any environment without trouble. Some features like GPS tracking allow you to take photographs and videos from different angles. 

You can even capture their flight path from an app on your mobile phone or tablet at no additional charges. This compact, lightweight device cruises like the wind. Its smart flight mode like the Follow-Me mode, allows the drone to follow you whenever you activate the device. 

The trajectory mode allows you to set the flight path of the drone on your app enabling it to get the perfect shots. The impressive gesture settings allow you to launch and control the device using hand movements. 

Demerits of using the drone 

You can only purchase the drone from its official sales page and not from anywhere else. 

On the product website, the manufacturer claims the drone to be in short supply. 

It has no GPS mode. 

It does not have a MicroSD slot and offers zero internal storage. 

The remote controller can only operate with WI-FI connectivity which limits its area of operation. 

The flight range is only 100 m which is standard, but nothing extraordinary. 

It gives you a flight time of 20 minutes. But it can get reduced in inclement weather. So if you are just starting out or inexperienced, avoid flying the drone in such conditions. 

The charging time is over 2 hours which is slightly disappointing given that additional batteries are not available separately. 

Contrary to the advertisement, it does not have a 4K camera. While the front camera is HD, the bottom camera is a 720p. 

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Where do you purchase the drone from? 

You can purchase the Tactic Air Drone only from the official website of the company. When you visit the website you would see there is a discount of up to 50% currently on offer. The manufacturer claims the product is in short supply prodding you to purchase it at the earliest before the stock runs out. Right now the company is also offering free shipping for customers across the globe. The process of purchasing is pretty simple. What you need to do is simply click Buy Now followed by Apply Discount Coupon Code. There is a special offer going on where you can get the drone for $99 by availing yourself of some additional discounts. If you purchase the items in bulk, you can also get free drones for a limited period. 

This tiny, yet powerful package can be a perfect device for someone who wants to try their hands at photography or videography using drones. The features are exceptionally simple, which make using the device a walk in the park. People are prompted to go for complicated, high-end devices by overshooting their budget only to create an impression in their social circle. But if you are not experienced, you may end up wasting both your time and money. So it is always advisable to get some much-needed hands-on experience with a simpler device first. You may then take a bigger leap, afterward, if required. 

The Tactic Air Drone will serve this purpose perfectly. It is a drone with all the latest features that are simple to use. But at the same time, it is also a very powerful device that will equip you with the right knowledge. 

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Refund Policy 

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product within 30 calendar days from the date you received it. However, your product will be eligible for return only if it is unused and in its original packaging. You should also be able to produce the proof of purchase to the company. Once the company receives your returned item, they will inspect it and then let you know they have received it. They will keep you posted on the status of the refund. Once the return is approved, they will initiate a refund to your credit card or your original method of payment. You will receive the refund, subject to your bank’s transactional policies. 

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What are the customers saying about the Tactic Air Drone? 

Let us hear people’s take on this ultra-lightweight, compact, pocket-friendly drone. 

John Doe is someone who has been into adventure sports for the past one decade. Although he tried everything, he had never been able to capture his adventures the way he would have liked to in a camera. Of course, till he finally found this mini HD drone. He now vouches for the drone’s compact design, budget-friendliness, and high-quality photos and videos. He would like to change nothing about this device, and he recommends it highly to anyone interested in pursuing aerial photography. 

Daphne Smith who travels extensively and loves taking photographs during those trips was beginning to get bored with her selfie stick. When she started looking for camera drones to make her task simpler and easier, the ones she came across were too big and expensive. Then a friend of hers sent her a link for this one which got her hooked. After she started using this Tactic Air Drone, it has now become her constant companion. She carries it wherever she travels. With this camera drone, her profile pictures have undergone sea changes. She now looks stunning and beautiful in all the pictures and videos she takes with this device. 

Christos Karapatakis sounds like someone who is fond of sailing in the seas. According to him, his sailing team loves pictures and videos from above. He took one with the Tactic Air Drone when they were on their sailing adventure around the Greek islands. He is gushing over the drone’s easy-to-use functionalities, as he cannot refrain from taking pictures. 

Steve is a guy who was never tech-savvy. He never wanted to try out fancy gadgets. But his son who nurses a passion for hi-tech objects wanted a drone. When Steve looked up for them online, he was aghast by their over-the-top price range. Then one day his son showed him the Tactic Air Drone. When he saw the price, he decided to get it for his son. And since then he has only been hearing excellent things about this device. 

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Some commonly asked customer questions 

Is it a product worth buying? 

The answer is a resounding yes. Featuring the latest technology, this drone is both powerful and effective. Operated either by a remote controller or by integrating your smartphone with the mobile app feature, this drone is a worthy purchase. 

What can you do with the drone? 

You can perform a wide range of activities with this drone. The innovative features of the device make it possible for anybody to acquire mastery over aerial photography. According to the manufacturer’s website, this quad propelled hovercraft allows you to take attractive snaps for festivals, events and also for capturing everyday fun. The cameras are combined with an advanced mobile app, which allows you to take control of the drone as well as the camera functions. 

Using the latest advanced features of the Tactic Air Drone, you can now take exquisitely beautiful pictures and videos of places. Photography is an art. No two pictures revolving around the same subject will ever be the same. Any art form espouses the reflections of the artist’s mind. An artist’s creation is a direct outpouring of their stream of thoughts, consciousness, perceptions, and ideas. For a photographer, the instrument of their expression which is the camera plays a significant role in defining their perspectives. This drone is a one-of-its-kind that gives the users a new perspective of anything they want to see up close like mountains, rivers, valleys, caves, etc. 

It is without any iota of doubt that aerial photography is one of the most fascinating things for a photographer. But taking aerial shots from flying objects like fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, balloons, rockets, parachutes, etc is rife with risks. Drone photography is a much safer and effective option, to say the least. And the latest ones come equipped with high-end features capable of producing videos and photos of very high quality. But the downside is, most of the latest drones that put to use high-end technology are way too expensive. With the Tactic Air Drone, you can now get perfect pictures at an affordable rate. So no matter in which part of the world you are or in what terrain, this drone will always help you get nice shots. 

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Final Thoughts  

From the various customer feedback, it looks like you can unhesitatingly and open-mindedly go for this drone. The manufacturer strongly emphasizes that this drone has been designed keeping in mind the needs of beginners, although it can be used by experienced flyers too. It is a great choice for beginners as this drone will help the users get excellent shots and videos. Its foldable design and carrying case make it easy to transport. The intelligent and intuitive features also make it super easy to use. 

As discussed, the picture quality is quite good, within the budget it is available for. But some reviews suggest the cameras are not 4K as advertised by the manufacturers. But you can still go ahead and purchase the drone. Because as a beginner it will supersede your expectations. 

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