Why You Need a Sandbag Trainer

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We know just how much creativity can be put into someone’s workout. People have utilized everything they can get their hands on from cans of food to furniture. Really anything that can be found around the house can be used in clever ways for some sort of exercise—though there are very few things lying around the house that are worthwhile replacements for gym equipment. 

Regardless of a person’s access to traditional and perhaps more common training equipment, people have become familiar and attached to getting creative with their workouts. While some people prefer the standard barbells and dumbbells, others prefer finding more creative and interesting ways to do their training. This is why sandbag workouts have become so popular and has continued to gain traction among trainers of all sorts. 

What Is a Sandbag Workout? 

A Sandbag workout involves the use of a weighted bag of sand during your workout routine. In general, the sandbag is meant to be filled with sand, as its name implies. However, in light of the creative thinking and problem solving that has come with home workouts, people will put anything that will provide some sort of resistance into these. This could be soil, rocks, or beans for example. 

The main distinction between it and other forms of training is that you are simply using the sandbag rather than any other form of equipment. Of course, your actual workout can involve a variety of choices regarding the equipment used. However, sandbag training is often done with just the bag for a number of reasons. 

Though new trends in any area or field are worth trying out, the sandbag trainer offers a lot more for trainers than just being trendy. 

The Benefits of the Sandbag Trainer 

1.) Sandbags Can Be Used For Essentially Any Workout 

What we actually need as far as equipment goes really requires something we can use in a variety of movements that provides resistance. A quality sandbag trainer will allow you to curl, extend, press, squat, and do just about any movement with it. You want to throw it? Go ahead. You want to drag it? Perfect.  

It’s arguably one of the most multifaceted pieces of equipment you will find today. 

Most of the sandbags will have a number of ways to hold them, in addition to allowing you to put however much sand inside them as you want. This means you have the option to move up in weight so long as it is within the capacity of your specific sandbag. Think of adding sand to your bag as adding plates or moving up in weight with your dumbbells. It’s just the same. 

2.) You Get More For Your Money 

Gym equipment can be incredibly expensive. A set of free weights themself can cost over a thousand dollars. This ultimately means your options can be limited. While many forms of equipment are great, most of them have some limitations. 

Dumbbells, for example, provide a number of benefits when training, but they can be difficult to bring just anywhere. The same goes for the barbell. Both are excellent choices, but when it comes to transportation, you are going to run into some problems. 

The sandbag trainer is easy to bring anywhere because it doesn’t take up a ton of space and can be stored wherever you may need it. That kind of convenience is absolutely worth noting. 

3.) Stimulates Your Metabolism 

Simply put, our metabolism is the process that takes place in our body where food is broken down and converted into energy. Those with a faster metabolism are noted for being leaner and being able to eat a significant amount without gaining weight. In general, the higher your metabolism, the faster you’ll burn calories. 

Often people will exercise to boost their metabolism, and using a sandbag only improves upon this. A study done in 2018 analyzed individuals using a sandbag trainer for three circuits. The study essentially concluded that it more effectively stimulated the trainers’ metabolisms. 

4.) Improves Your Stability 

Athletes know the importance of having stability when it comes to training. Stability is established in the body through training that forces the body to perform exercises in unstable ways. This could mean that a workout is done on one leg or an unstable surface. 

The sandbag trainer is equipment that is somewhat unstable. Given the variety of ways one has to pick it up and the nature of using a bag of sand, it requires the body to exercise stability when being used. The sandbag is a bit more of a challenge to use because of this, but naturally, you’ll see improvements in your stability when using it. 

5.) Improves Your Functional Fitness 

Functional fitness is fitness that helps to work your muscles together to better prepare your body for the task throughout the day. Depending on your daily life or fitness goals, functional fitness may be something you choose to incorporate into your workouts. The sandbag trainer helps you accomplish that.  

Doing a deadlift with a sandbag, for example, could help strengthen those muscles used when picking up a child. Other exercises can help those who are generally active and mobile throughout their day to be doing movements more efficiently. If your job demands the use of heavy equipment, using a sandbag could be a great idea for you as it provides a variety of ways in which it can be safely moved and lifted. 

Even something as simple as sitting down and sitting up with the weight in hand or on your shoulders could be beneficial to you. 

6.) Improves Determinations Made About One’s Conditioning Level 

Conditioning tests are often required for athletes and those working tactical jobs. It is necessary because the jobs require that the participants or employees meet a necessary standard. Sandbag workouts have been shown to be a great option for testing one’s conditioning level. 

Specifically, the sandbag throw was observed in a study and shown to be an effective and reliable means of determining a person’s conditioning level. It can give faster indicators of whether or not someone falls short of the requirements of a designated field given the nature of the throwing motion. 

When you have then determined someone’s conditioning level, or perhaps your own, you can then create a more personalized program to follow. 

7.) Improves Mental Function 

The dynamic aspects of the sandbag trainer, as we have discussed, improves your stability. It is an unstable piece of equipment that is sort of a challenge to get used to. This challenge is in fact a great thing for your brain as well as your body. 

When we force the body into a situation or action that we are not used to, our brain is challenged and forced to adapt to the circumstances. Regular exercise has been shown to not only improve our mental function, but even keep our brain healthier longer. The challenges of a sandbag workout are incredibly beneficial because of this. 

A sandbag trainer is not something we are used to. It will always force us to be that much more focused on the task at hand. Exercise and physical challenges are so good for our bodies and minds. Maintaining proper challenges in our workouts is how we can get the most from our workouts. 

Making Your Selection 

The choices and selections of any product are only going to continue to expand. That is why doing your research on what the most reliable option is matters. When it comes to sandbags, you may not find as many options as traditional gym equipment, however. That being said, it is continuously expanding and becoming more popular. All the more reason to get into it now. 

A sandbag trainer should be durable, strong, and safe to use. You’ll want the zippers to be covered, and you will need the material to be strong enough for your workouts. Exosleeve has a great option for their sandbag. It is a canvas bag with both small and large options. The sandbag is a canvas bag and the small option can hold up to 35 pounds and the large up to 70 pounds. 

It’s really a great option for anyone new to using sandbag trainers as well as those who are more experienced in the world of sandbags

If you want to take your training to the next level, you need to try a sandbag workout. Not only will it give your body an awesome challenge and workout, but it will even help you mentally. You’ll see huge changes and improvements in your workouts not long after you start. You may even prefer the sandbag trainer to the traditional dumbbells and barbells. 

You won’t know for sure unless you try it yourself though. Give the Exosleeve Sandbag Trainer a shot and get started challenging your mind and body! 

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