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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

To Mr. Edward Strawser of Valencia (letters, Oct. 26, “Too Many Conservative Opinions”), where do I begin?

Newspapers are in the business of doing two things: 1) reporting facts and opinions (some from the community and some from their own staff), and 2) turning a profit. 

As for bias, Mr. Strawser, ALL newspapers are biased, and the only thing that distinguishes them from each other is to what degree they are biased, ranging from the New Yorker and Slate on the left to Breitbart and The Drudge Report on the right. 

In fact, I challenge you to name a single newspaper in this country that is not biased. Welcome to humanity, Mr. Strawser.

Although you are correct in your observation that The Signal “leans” to the right, it is by no means a go-to for the “MAGA” folks, to use an over-used acronym. 

Being a loyalist to no person, party, or ideology, that is how I see The Signal. Many of my more “colorful” letters to the editor have been those that railed against what I saw as its more “eccentric” letter-writers and columnists, and they include people leaning in both directions. And it is a fact I doubt anyone in the Santa Clarita Valley will dispute that some of The Signal’s most eccentric letters and columns are indeed liberal, which are printed just as “shamelessly” by The Signal as those that are conservative. So how fair is that? 

And as for cartoons, it is an ages-old American tradition to use them to mock the foibles of the sitting administration regardless of its political affiliation, and as far as I’m concerned the current administration presents itself as enticing a target as the previous one did — both being ludicrous, just in different ways.

What I would suggest, if I may, Mr. Strawser, is that you read The Signal’s opinion page with a more open mind, leaving your own bias out of the judging, because if you’re looking for targets you’ll find plenty of them no matter where you go, that much I can tell you. 

Arthur Saginian
Santa Clarita

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