Baker the baker competes in ‘Foodtastic’

Team Carving Queens, including Stevenson Ranch baker Melanie Baker, Annie Cooper and Jenna Smith, right to left, compete on Disney+’s “Foodtastic.” Courtesy

Stevenson Ranch baker Melanie Baker was given the opportunity to get out of her comfort zone while competing in the new food-sculpting competition show, “Foodtastic.”

Hosted by Keke Palmer, the Disney+ original series is rooted in iconic Disney tropes, challenging highly skilled food artists to create larger-than-life sculptures made entirely out of food.

Baker owns Bake Me a Cake in Stevenson Ranch, and while she’s crafted everything from simple birthday cakes to large sculpture cakes — such as a replica B-17 bomber for a World War II veteran’s 100th birthday — competing on “Foodtastic” gave her the chance to think out of the box. 

On the show, everything from vegetables and butter to fruit and cheese are transformed into extravagant foodscapes featuring Disney characters, which are then judged by design, technical skills and narrative, rather than by taste.

Team Carving Queens, comprised of Baker and her friends, Jenna Smith and Annie Cooper, compete in the episode “Star Wars: The Rebel Mechanic,” tasked with helping a rebel mechanic defeat the galactic empire.

“I’m a huge ‘Star Wars’ fan, so when we were given that theme, all three of us were extremely excited,” Baker said.

Creating their sculpture left them to work with more than just cake, incorporating other foods into their design.

“They pushed us outside of our comfort zone because, I mean, I don’t carve watermelons,” Baker said, chuckling. “All three of us learn that we can do a lot of cool stuff we didn’t think we could do, which was neat.”

While Baker said it was probably one of the hardest things she’s ever had to do, it was overall an amazing experience.

“There are so many amazing bakers throughout the whole United States, so when they actually picked us, oh my God, I can’t tell you how excited we were,” Baker said of the opportunity to compete on the show. “I am so fortunate, so grateful to even be picked.”

Baker was grateful for the opportunity to show her clients more than just her cakes but also her personality and creativity on a larger scale.

“It’s a dream come true really… because 1) it’s Disney, and 2) to be able to do something different… out of your comfort zone to create something amazing,” Baker added.

“Foodtastic” is scheduled to begin streaming Wednesday, Dec. 15, exclusively on Disney+.

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