Betty Arenson | A Fatigued Populace and Wishes for 2022

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
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Today America has passed the Jewish holiday season and is presently approaching the Christmas yuletide and a new year. 

The populace is fatigued and restless after the Grinch stole two years of our productive lives. It is my sincere wish that good, hard-working Americans be granted their wishes and that the ruling intransigent be gifted with a change of mind and heart and begin to positively affect America and American lives.

Americans have had their lives upended and have suffered great losses. 

They remained compliant with lockdown mandates, governmental intrusions, ambiguous messaging, business and personal losses and more. 

The once-compliant public tolerated gulag rules even after witnessing the archons living freely and ignoring their own mandates. 

We witness them being unmasked at airports, hair salons, wining and dining at expensive restaurants, night clubs, weddings, large sports events and fundraisers. 

The tolerance of being suppressed and following onerous, selective rules is wearing thin.

Citizens deserve and need renewed senses of stability, of America’s greatness and her constitutional provisions for opportunities and freedoms.

2021 did show us that everyday Americans, who had been basically anonymous leading everyday lives, awakened in a short amount of time to realize, for one, what’s happening in our schools under the guise of “education.” 

We’ve witnessed parents flock to school board meetings, march peacefully in the streets, start recalls of failing elected officials and speak quite articulately on national television about protecting what their children are exposed to in purported classrooms. 

They demand to be recognized as their children’s custodians and guardians and have let it be known that parental responsibilities have not been ceded to school boards or any school hierarchy. The purpose of schools is supposed to be working for students not dominant, destructive unions.

These parents and involved community members have become active at no small cost. 

They literally have been designated as “domestic terrorists” by our own federal government with the unprecedented actions of the Department of Justice and the FBI stepping in to “investigate.” 

This is a monumental action. Of course the aim is to intimidate, threaten and quash parents’ speech. It’s a pure disregard of their First Amendment rights.

The threads of negative impacts on our lives are ripping us apart at the seams.

Most Americans are living with the financial squeezes of runaway, unfettered inflation, soaring fuel prices and rising food costs. They are frightened and angry. 

At least eight news outlets report a recent estimate that these excessive expenses are costing each family $3,500 this year. 

This same inflation is said to go higher in 2022 and last most of, if not, all of the year.

It is quite visible that excessive restrictions on Americans are wholly incongruent with an open southern border where no person crossing illegally is fully vetted or hindered by anything, including disease. 

Through-the-roof crime is of grave concern to many Americans. There’s fear for the physical being of themselves and their families. It’s a colossal shame that too much leadership, on all levels, does not feel the same. 

But then most of them have constant armed protection; ironically paid for by the same fearful public.

Prominent officials have been making policies that leave the general public in danger. Crimes are discounted. Criminals are pampered and emboldened. Police forces are neutered. Prosecutors are undermined and rendered mute by district attorneys who have been gratuitously funded by the likes of George Soros and his minions. The wrong-doers are irresponsibly unaccountable and good citizens are in peril.

Many Americans have learned all of these negatives making their lives harder are from a lack of leadership from the very top on down; dishonesty at the same levels and a glaring absence of caring for the mere hoi polloi.

For all of the Americans who love this country, this republic, the beautiful season and the coming new year, I wish for you continued insight, unwavering tenacity, unlimited commitment, fortified strength and unlimited energy. 

You earned it and you deserve it. 

You are the backbone of what makes America great and you have been emboldened to forge on with the good fight. 

Tragically, the fight is not from foreign threats but from the anti-American forces within.

Appreciation for these Americans is infinite and may great blessings be bestowed upon you boundlessly starting in 2022.

Betty Arenson is a Santa Clarita resident. “Right Here, Right Now” appears Saturdays and rotates among local Republicans.

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