1. KNOW THE ESSENCE OF COMMUNICATION – If you want to be a successful company leader, you must be a good communicator who understands listening and talking. Make sure to speak when it’s your turn to chat and make sure to talk freely and confidently as if you’re speaking to them with an intimidating aura, so they’ll be intimidated and pay attention and listen closely, but don’t make it too harsh that they hate you for it. Also, make sure you know how to listen; just because you’re the boss doesn’t mean you’ll always be the one speaking; you’ll need to listen to them from time to time if you want to have the best communication and outcome. That is why you must constantly speak for yourself and listen to others to produce quality work.
  2. GIVING YOUR BEST – When you’re at work, make sure you’re giving it your all so that others will do the same. When your coworkers notice that you are not putting any effort into your work, they will act similarly and think similarly. “Why should I put effort into our work if the leader isn’t?” I’ll do everything he asks if he wants this to fail.” What you let your employee observe, your employee will undoubtedly do. As a result, always be accountable. Because your coworkers are watching you, make sure you are careful with your behavior. You’ll be their tour guide. So, instead of acting domineering, work as they do. As if it were your final day at work, give your all. Make every effort to make the project a success. You are a leader on purpose, don’t make them think if you deserve that position.
  3. INTELLIGENCE At ALL ASPECTS – Be aware of your behaviors, how you act and function in your workplace, how you work with your coworkers, and whether you perform your duties professionally and equally. Make careful to put your emotions aside, especially if you’re tired of your job. Always consider your coworkers’ feelings, and always allow them to talk and listen to them; there may be insights, thoughts, or ideas that you need to hear from them, so be open in those instances. Make sure you know how to train them at work, influence and mentor them, and assist them in solving challenges without being hesitant to seek your assistance.
  4. BE PROFESSIONAL – Professionalism always matter. If you work like you are not professional, your workmates will not listen to you. Even if you see them as friends, make sure to set boundaries when it is work time to finish your work quickly. 
  5. GOOD DECISION-MAKER – Knowing how to make good decisions can improve the quality of your work. Before making decisions, make sure to get your coworkers’ permission; just because you’re the boss doesn’t mean you get to make the final decision; consider their decision, ask them why they came to that conclusion before taking it; if you disagree, tell them why; if you don’t, think twice. Informing them of your decision will assist you in the event of a difficulty since they will be aware of what is going on and help you.

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