When, Where, and How To Watch Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony 2022?


Speaking about one of the most marvellous and wonderful sports events will bring the Winter Olympics into the spotlight. Indeed, this event is a marvellous one and is watched by people from all over the world. Whether you are a teenager or an old person, the Winter Olympics is an event that is a famous one. NBC will have the official live streaming coverage of the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony on 4th February 2022.

Well, wondering about the start date for the Winter Olympics, it will start on the 4th February 2022. The date was chosen while keeping the COVID pandemic in mind. In terms of the venue, the event will take place at the Beijing National Stadium which is located in China.

Additionally, as said by the Olympic Charter, each of the proceedings will accompany the formal along with international sporting events.

This includes the welcome speeches, hosting of flags along with a parade of world class athletes.

Plus, it will even cover the artistic talent of different nations for showcasing the culture along with history.

Hence, to know more information regarding the Winter Olympics, you can go ahead and unveil more details.

Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony 2022 More Details

We are running into the final days for the Winter Olympics where it has been a delay of over a year. Currently, the Winter games are just a few months away and the fans are more excited than ever before. Additionally, the venues for the Olympics are almost complete where just the final touches are remaining.

Speaking about the structures, they range from tracks along with skating rinks to different snowboard courses. The work is going on in full swing where there are ample of people who are in line for the same.

Additionally, there are 12 ice sheets along with snow venues which are scattered across Beijing and Hebei regions. This includes a huge mountain resort which definitely looks astonishing.

Most of the test events were held at those venues which made the contestants prepare for the mega stage.

Also, there are plenty of the facilities which are new while some of them are looking familiar. For example, there is the famous “Water Cube” which hosted the Olympics in 2008 is known as “Ice Cube” for hosting ceremonies.

Where To Watch?

NBCUniversal will have the official coverage of the Opening Ceremony.

The Effect of Coronavirus

As the Winter Olympics opening ceremony is about to get kick-off, Coronavirus is showing signs of emergence.

Yes, the pandemic is far from over where the new variant is coming to disrupt human lives, once again.

Additionally, each of the Chinese officials are attending the Tokyo Olympics for monitoring the COVID safety measures as per the committee.

The Winter Olympic Games are set to begin from February 4, 2022

Yes, the craze and excitement is at the next level where the Olympic games are all-set to start from 4th February, 2022. This Olympics is the third one that will be held in Asia where USA viewers will deal with major time differences.

If you don’t know, Beijing is 12 hours ahead of the USA while South Korea and Japan are 13 hours ahead.

Now, the Winter Olympics opening ceremony is starting from 4th February. 2022. It will be held at the Beijing National stadium that is known as the Bird’s Nest.

Additionally, Bing Dwen will be the Mascot for the Winter Olympics 2022 who will be a panda.

Also, adding on to the competition sites, officials have said that they have finished 30 large scale projects to host the Olympics. Right from the top speed railways to newer highways and power grid, each of the great things are being kept in place.

Keeping such things in place, you can find ample options for watching the Winter Olympics 2022 event online.

All you need is to pick up services working in your country, test them and choose the brilliant one to watch current events online.

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