Why Are Women Into Pilates Now More Than Ever?


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Let’s admit it. When it comes to keeping a healthy lifestyle, it is a bit difficult to keep and maintain one method. One moment you prefer doing cardio, then the other whole-body physique exercise, and suddenly you’re off to hit the gym and find yourself lifting weights. It’s so tricky that various individuals find it challenging to stick to one method.

However, this dilemma is a bit more complicated, especially for women. Good thing Pilates and yoga is now trending indoor exercise. Women who don’t like to get bulky and muscular can turn to these exercises and stay fit. 

But why are women now into Pilates more than they were before? What happened over the time that inspired women to do more Pilates? Let’s dig deep into further reasons.

COVID-19 Happened 

It’s undeniable that COVID-19 influenced and affected our daily lives for more than two years. The unexpected changes, boundaries, and strict regulations turned one individual to change their lifestyle. But one good thing that COVID-19 brought to us is that we have been able to find new resorts to make sure that we are still on track with our healthy lifestyle. 

There are so many indoor exercises that people who love doing everyday fitness can turn into, like Pilates! It’s appealing to say that women are into Pilates more than their counterparts, but it’s not just for women. Pilates is for everyone, and thanks to the most significant advantage of this method, it can be done indoors. A lot of individuals are now practicing performing it. 

Moreover, learning Pilates even amidst the COVID-19 spike can be done quickly. Thanks to technology, many pilates instructors are now using the platform to teach Pilates to their audiences, resulting in a more growing community of Pilates compared to the years before. 

Indoor Method In Keeping Healthy Habits

One of the many things that people love doing Pilates is that you can do it in the comfort of your home. But that’s not only it that makes it appealing to many. Pilates offers a wide variety of health benefits that you wouldn’t think a low-impact exercise can offer. 

Here are some of the advantages that make Pilates appealing to women. 

  1. Pilates doesn’t require additional equipment, but you can use it if you like to. 

Pilates is usually practiced with just a yoga mat- nothing fancy as many pilates experts would like to say. This made it more appealing as some women are not fans of lifting weights and even spending time doing hardcore exercise or even spending extra bucks purchasing additional equipment. 

But over time, the exercise has also revolutionized. That means, from a simple yoga mat, Pilates can now be done with some additional equipment. It is called reformer Pilates, where you can use a sliding platform to enhance your performance better. 

And since Pilates are more on being flexible, other practitioners would like to incorporate other exercises to enhance their flexibility. Many practitioners use other equipment such as squat racks to keep their leg muscles strong, which is one of the core parts of Pilates. 

You can visit Barbend and learn more about the many squat racks equipment you can use to enhance your performance. 

  1. It practices body awareness. 

Proprioception is the practice of allowing your body to focus on heightening the sense of movement, location, and action. Medically, it is called kinesthesia, and in layman’s terms, it’s body awareness. 

Many women are into body awareness; they want to connect to their inner self and make a deeper connection. And since practicing Pilates allows you to practice proprioception, this invites women more. The capability to keep the mind focused on the sensations of your body. 

The more you practice Pilates, the more you will learn proprioception. Enhanced learning and understanding of proprioception allows you to respond better to the stimulus, resulting in the prevention of possible injuries and falls. 

You will also learn to control overeating habits, which allows you to be more aware of your body- including pain, emotions, and its surrounding environment. 

  1. It improves sex, sleep, and mood.  

All these three are the top primary emotional needs of a woman. Lack of sleep results in a moody morning or even the entire day. Lack and inactivity of sex can also affect women’s emotions and confidence. It causes personal distress for many women, and here’s where Pilates comes to play. 

Pilates can improve your pelvic floor by further toning it, strengthening your core, and helping better your body alignment. All of these factors can help contribute to improving a woman’s sex life. Furthermore, improved self-disposition can help a person see a better outlook in life, which Pilates can significantly contribute to.

To Wrap It Up

Pilates is a form of exercise that many people can do in the comfort of their homes. It can significantly help anyone who wants to enjoy and continue to practice healthy habits even with the challenges of COVID. 

As many women are usually performing it, it’s not just suited for them but all genders. Pilates is evolving, and so are its practitioners. If you are searching for a method that you want to practice, Pilates is a good choice. 

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