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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Reading Audra Salazar’s letter (“A Sincere Plea on Vaccine Mandates,” Dec. 10) got me thinking about those who cite their religious beliefs as the reason to be exempted from getting vaccinated against COVID-19. It’s not that Ms. Salazar presented herself as such a person, but rather she wrote that she and her family are “devout Christ-followers” and they were “praying for wisdom and answers.” I confess I am biased against “believers” (in anything), and just saying something like that throws me off the main topic to focus instead on the reason someone would say something like that in a discussion about anything. So, I conveniently redacted that statement and proceeded to read the rest of Ms. Salazar’s letter, which was originally sent to Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Ms. Salazar states she has never taken an interest in politics until recently, nor has she considered herself an activist. I take that to mean Ms. Salazar is a healthy person, physically as well as mentally, whose family has been blessed with good fortune, she is generally “happy” with life, and outside of praying for the salvation of the unfortunate masses, as a devout Christ-follower should, she pretty much lives her life without bothering others. More power to her.

She further states she is still quite naive when it comes to many areas right after she claimed to “admire and respect all the work of our lawmakers.” Yes, Ms. Salazar, you are still quite naive given your admiration and respect for our lawmakers, but I admire you for being honest about it. 

Although Ms. Salazar’s concerns are all quite valid (as I share some of them myself) she could benefit from a little less “hoping” and “believing” and a little more “knowing” and “understanding” about COVID-19 and vaccinations, as well as how politics really works in California when it comes to anything, including COVID-19 and the multiple vaccinations. 

As for her letter to the governor, I doubt it will make him take notice (even if he reads it) because I can’t see how it could possibly get him re-elected.

Arthur Saginian

Santa Clarita

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