How the Cereal Club NFT Went Viral: Everything You Should Know


Until recently, the NFTs saga took the digital art world and all of the internet by storm, despite being around for over six years. People can sell or trade non-fungible tokens, or NFTs in short, on digital markets. 

NFTs are non-interchangeable digital collectibles stored on a blockchain. These tokens are physical or digital assets such as photos, paintings, drawings, audio or video files. Despite being a digital commodity, an NFT is non-fungible, meaning the items are unique and not replaceable. In addition, NFTs can only belong to a single individual. However, anyone with access to the digital collectibles can duplicate and distribute them.

NFTs can be anything digital, but much of the skyrocketing excitement revolves around the sale of digital art, with artists now offering exclusive content on digital items. More and more people are dealing in digital assets, all credits to celebrities and major brands embracing NFTs. With the likes of Grimes and Snoop Dogg buying and selling NFTs worth millions of dollars. These iconic figures are the main reason behind the recent boom, and the interesting discussion about whether investing in these digital items is wise.

Last year ended on a high note with the massive adoption of digital assets in the open market. Many people are now willing to invest in the odds. As a result, many projects involving NFTs have been popping up each day. One of these projects is the Cereal Club NFT. As the name suggests, Cereal Club is a small but fast-growing community of cereal lovers and NFTs enthusiasts, dubbed “munchers.”

What is the Cereal Club NFT?

In a nutshell, the Cereal Club NFT is a collectible non-fungible driven community of members who will empower web3 across the NFT ecosystem. The community consists of algorithmically generated munchers minted as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Web3 refers to the new worldwide web era, based on blockchain technology and incorporates decentralization at its core.

Within the community, the members have coined the term non-fungibowl from the words “non-fungible” and “bowl” to symbolize the uniqueness of the assets used. The Cereal Club NFT’s main objective is to pioneer a vast hybrid community of members who will collaborate to empower the web across the NFT ecosystem.

The community named after a breakfast meal was no mistake. The cereal bowl muncher serves to represent layers of symbolism. For many, cereal was – and still is – a childhood staple for every day in the morning. The routine of waking up, grabbing your favorite cereal box, and pouring yourself a bowl remains in our minds. 

Nostalgic memories of simpler times bring to the surface the happy moments of opening the box, digging up the mystery prize inside, or the time spent solving riddles. The Cereal Club NFTs’ designer combines sentimentality with the light-hearted color palette.

Cereal Club NFT takes advantage of the fact that people love cereal and the idea of minting NFTs to amass creators and builders. The Club allows them to work together and represents everyone’s ideas gathered together in a collective bowl. These ideas mixed, shared, learned, created, and enjoyed more interestingly. 

Munchers will have different bowls, colors, charms, body types, some with rare features, which evolve based on the kind of cereal. After joining the community, a member gets a non-fungible cereal character and exclusive access to the ecosystem. 

Who Is Behind the Cereal Club NFT?

The Cereal Club NFT is a stellar project. All credit to the brilliant minds behind the inception and pioneering of the project. While some of the details about the project are still vague, the team decided to stay anonymous by using aliases. Among the team members is Waves, also known as Sako Waves. 

Waves, listed as a recipe creator, is a founder and CEO of multiple companies such as Wavy Studios and Shlooz. He likes to build online brands and communities. It is no surprise that he is promoting the Cereal Club NFT. The other team members include Yubico, a recipe creator; Valerie, an artist; Omster, the community manager; and Andre, in charge of partnerships and collaborations. Bazos, the final team member, manages the PR and media.

When Will the Cereal Club NFT Launch?

With community members and hopeful admirers excited about the project’s launch, the exact launch date for the Cereal Club NFT is still unknown. However, the NFTs should launch by the end of January. 

The Cereal Club recognizes the vast number of cereal fans worldwide, but only 10,000 NFTs will be available for minting during the genesis edition. After the launch, the NFTs will be made available on OpenSea for purchase. OpenSea will be the chance for anyone who missed the mint to acquire the NFTs in the open market.

These lucky munchers will have a chance to participate in the Club’s first roadmap and every other partnership roadmap from 2022. The Cereal Club NFT roadmap will entail the following; first, the Share A Bowl Charitable Fund will be established. The fund aims to support different initiatives and charities, and the community will choose the charity as a whole.

Next, the Club intends to usher in BuilderDAO, a unique collaborative Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) for holders to share, ideate, and create emerging projects throughout web3. Following this phase, the team wishes to initiate Cereal Labs, a platform for members to access an exclusive builder and trading network of people certified from Fortune’s 500 companies. This network will include VCs, crypto exchange reps, developers, NFT artists, and NFT investors and traders. The platform aims to be one of the most prominent networking and alpha groups.

Furthermore, the Club wants to launch merch collaborations. The collaborations will involve the Cereal Club teaming with exclusive apparel and product brands to create limited collabs of IRL clothing and future metaverse wearables. In addition, Cereal Club events, including IRL and virtual hangouts, will be planned exclusively for Cereal Lab holders. The Club’s team will also organize cross-collaborative community events. 

The next phase will see the Cereal Club Hybrid Ecosystem release within web3 to empower the Cereal Club members with both rewards and access. Lastly, the creation of new physical Cereals with the Club’s unique twists will be released. The community will have an opportunity to sample Cereal boxes, come with Treatz rewards, and provide feedback.

Cereal Club NFT Discord: How to Participate

Officially, the Cereal Club NFT uses Discord and Twitter as their community channels. The Discord is currently invite-only. The invite-only server is a deliberate and intelligent move made by the leaders to attract as many members as possible. Originally, the Cereal Club’s NFTs official Twitter page shared promotions and campaigns to invite more participants. You have to be invited by a member of the team to join the Discord and be a muncher. 

The Club’s Twitter account engages with followers through daily updates regarding the community. Followers are also encouraged to participate on the Club’s social media. They can participate by retweeting and commenting for a chance to win crypto cash and an invite to the Discord. As the project grows, other NFTs communities will join the ecosystem as part of the launch. 

The Cereal Club & the Future of NFTs

NFTs are more than just owning a piece of art, it involves being part of a community that shares a common objective. Cereal Club understands that, which is why their campaign has resulted in a following of almost 60,000 people and counting. It is a potential project with undeniable reasons you should invest this year.The Cereal Club wants to be part of the revolution that empowers creators and innovators by granting them an opportunity to work as a team. Many awesome web2 and web3 users have joined the community, with the Club celebrating them on their Twitter page to show their role in empowering new web3 builders so they can achieve their goals.

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