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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In breaking news leftists will never hear, the director of the Centers for Disease Control, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, admitted that 75% of the people who were fully vaccinated who later died of COVID-19 had at least four comorbidities. We on the right have known this all along if for no other reason than anecdotal evidence. Even the National Institutes of Health almost a year ago was stating that 89% of the hospitalizations for COVID had at least one health comorbidity and they didn’t even address age as a factor.

However, since President Joe Biden has given up and admitted there is no federal solution to beating this virus, it’s clear the powers at the Deep State need to do some butt covering, thus they will now claim that many thousands who have died were very unhealthy to begin with. They will say no amount of brilliance from President Biden could have prevented their deaths. 

We won’t forget that Candidate Biden said President Donald Trump had blood on his hands after 200,000 deaths and claimed that Trump didn’t have a plan to end COVID, but he did! Later that day Dr. Walensky, when asked by Bret Baier how many died “with” COVID versus “of” COVID, she indicated numbers are forthcoming. I’m sure this will be enlightening as well (

 In more breaking news of truth, Dr. Walensky confessed on CNN that America’s COVID-19 vaccine inventory no longer prevents transmission of the COVID-19 virus. This of course doesn’t make the vaccine a vaccine, but more of a therapeutic like Ivermectin. But let us not get bogged down on the truth when there’s a struggling president to protect (

And finally, a medical analyst for CNN went on NPR of all places to state that masks do not work! There are a number of reasons for this and I’ll leave it to the curious to peruse the link I provided but hopefully citing CNN and NPR will give these thoughts the credibility from leftists they deserve ( I won’t hold my breath, though. Speaking of masks, my daughter returned to high school today with a new policy of not just masks inside, but outside as well! 

The truth is coming out about COVID and much of that truth is what we on the right have been saying all along. Despite these thoughts getting banned, scorned, and mocked by the left and media, it’s now clear to thinking people that President Biden has utterly failed and needs to be protected by his handlers, even if it means exposing the lies of the last two years. The truth almost always appears! 

I can’t wait until the truth about the genesis of the virus comes out. Hint: It didn’t originate in a pangolin. 

 Brian Richards

Stevenson Ranch

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