How To Get More Subscribers On YouTube: 5 Ways


Because of the quarantine, even more people have begun to think about how to make money online. One way is to create your own channel. But the question arises – how to attract an audience and get YouTube subscribers? 

In this article we\’ll analyze several ways to attract users to your channel and make them regular viewers. 

How to get a lot of subscribers on YouTube: 5 ways to attract the audience 

1. Place the link everywhere (website, social networks, email newsletter) 

If you have other resources that already have an audience, you can then drive traffic back and forth. Be sure to put the link on your personal site (if you have one), on all of your social networks, in emails or push mailings, and ask to subscribe to your channel. 

2. Publish Shorts 

Shorts are the same short videos (up to 1 minute) only on YouTube itself. They work on roughly the same principle as Tik Tok, Reels and other similar services. That is, you can get into recommendations and quickly get subscribers to the channel. 

The pluses of Shorts are that they have a separate tab in the app and they also rank well on a YouTube search. 

3. Streaming 

Streaming (live broadcasts) helps to quickly get subscribers in any social network, YouTube is no exception – during the broadcast viewers are involved in the process, they write comments on chat and ask questions. You can earn on live streams by collecting donations or making advertising. At the end of the broadcast there is an opportunity to save the recording on the channel as a normal video. 

Advantages of live broadcasts: 

  • no need to spend time on video editing, 
  • direct contact with the audience to increase involvement, 
  • opportunity to make money, 
  • you can stream from any device and any location where there is Internet. 

4. Arrange competitions 

Competitions and giveaways always attract a lot of subscribers. To really get an increase in audience, set a condition for participation in the contest: be a subscriber to the channel, click on the bell, repost the video to the social network and write a comment under the video. 

5. Use promotional services 

What you can do: buy YouTube views, likes, reposts, comments and subscribers. Use the services carefully, all actions should be similar to those of an ordinary viewer. In particular, keep an interval, don\’t make too many reposts and comments at once, and spread the actions over several videos. 

When attracting subscribers, don\’t forget about content – publish new videos regularly, do everything with high quality, and encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel and click on the bell so they don\’t miss new videos. 


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