Thomas Oatway | A Life Saved?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Mr. Arthur Saginian disclosed that he had contracted COVID-19 recently and had a few days of illness before he recovered. He then confided that he had been vaccinated (two doses) but did not mention having a booster. If he had gotten a booster, he might have had an asymptomatic episode. We are informed by the medical experts that the effectiveness of the vaccines wanes with time and a booster is strongly advised.

He blames Gary Horton and me for viral neurosis. He should be sincerely thanking us for recommending the vaccine, which may have saved his life. You are welcome, Arthur. But I wish that you would be a little more responsible and encourage vaccination for all so we can get past this pandemic. Instead he joins the head-in-the-sand crowd who continue to oppose vaccination and claim it is leftist folly.

Thomas Oatway

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