Building Big With Small Business Ventures In Santa Clarita


Small business growth in Santa Clarita is on an upwards trajectory, with the third largest city in LA county enjoying a golden era of prosperity. Over the past several years, small operators across America have weathered great challenges, and many have failed. In contrast, small business in Santa Clarita has been buoyed by local government incentives, a robust economy, steady population growth, and minimal unemployment. Santa Clarita was once again named an esteemed finalist in the LAEDC Most Business-Friendly City Awards 2021,  exhibiting its resilient and progressive character. Key support measures such as the Small Business Grant Program and the Shop/Eat Local Campaign, along with a community of professional advisory bodies and a slew of online resources, have all shared in bolstering the city’s small business growth. If you’re planning to open a small business in Santa Clarita, here’s what you need to know.  

Best Practices To Boost Your Business 

Much of the advice required to successfully launch and maintain a small business in Santa Clarita is available online. The city’s website offers free exposure through its business profile index, while affiliate pages provide a range of guides relating to every aspect of small business operations. There are discussions on the importance of cash flow plans, how using an invoice template can assist in good supplier and customer relations, and how to use a credit-card for short-term expense relief. The city’s continual support for its small business community through online communications and referrals was an essential element in Santa Clarita remaining open for business during the pandemic. 

Getting A Permit 

The pandemic evolved the way we do business, and the City of Santa Clarita adapted with the challenges, keeping its permit offices continually open. It provided relief packages to struggling businesses and continued to welcome new business into the area. Post-pandemic, the city offers flexible options for small companies to establish and expand. It expedites permits for tenants wanting to make improvements on commercial properties, and provides a home office permit to small businesses whose primary residence is also their workplace. Furthermore, Santa Clarita promotes positive ecological change with programs and tax incentives for businesses transitioning to cleaner and greener operations. 

Population, Prosperity, and Location 

If you’re among the roughly 300,000 residents already calling Santa Clarita home, then you understand the city’s merit as a place to live, work, and thrive. Many others are choosing to relocate to Santa Clarita from other parts of the state or country, hoping to take advantage of its positive growth in population, infrastructure, and industry investment. Santa Clarita is already a hub for a host of large companies and major employers, such as Logix, Quest Diagnostics, Boston Scientifics, and Honda Performance Development. Small businesses in the city continue to profit from the wealth and subsidiary markets these corporations generate. With one of the state’s highest average median household incomes, Santa Clarita offers ample scope for small businesses to prosper. 

2022 should see many existing and emerging small business across Santa Clarita thrive, reflecting the city’s boom-time reputation as a place of opportunity, location, affluence, and an aspirational lifestyle. 

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