Charles Yacoobian | A Misplaced Gas Rant

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In his letter to the editor (“Gee, Thanks, Gas Stations…for Nothing,” which appeared March 5), Michael Diaz accuses local gasoline stations of gouging us for another 10 to 15 cents because of the crisis in Ukraine. Mike, in February 2021 the average monthly price for a barrel of Brent Crude Oil was $62.28. In March 2021 it was $65.41. Today (March 8), the price is $130, or roughly double the price at this time last year. A year ago the average cost of 87 octane gas in California (per the Auto Club) was $3.75. Today it’s $5.34. So Mike, the price at the pump has gone up 42.4% while the price of crude has increased roughly 100%. 

I don’t own a gas station and I don’t like paying $5-plus a gallon any more than you do. But based on the facts listed above, your rant is misplaced.

Charles Yacoobian


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