Factors to keep in mind while getting Spanish Tiles


Spanish tiles are recognized for their excellent, and enchanting patterns. They have expressive color combinations with an extraordinary quality that carries hints of Arabic culture straight out of the eighth century. In the christian tradition, Spanish tiles were utilized to beautify their churches and other religious places.

Spanish tiles is a term that portrays a wide extent of tiles along with conventional Spanish and Mexican designs. It is so prevalent that numerous clients will inquire about them based exclusively on fashion and its popularity regardless of the theme and the context of where they plan to place them.

Traditional Spanish tiles are handmade, which makes them unique. Nonetheless, if you plan to use them in your home project, keep the following factors in mind.

The material

These tiles can be made from clay as well as ceramics. This shows how homeowners have more extensive choices regarding the roof tiles’ strength, quality, and life span after installation.

The design

Beyond any doubt, conventional Spanish and Mexican tiles include loads of patterns and various shapes, like starbursts in different ruddy, blue, and green; blossoms with theoretical petals spreading outward, and geometric designs similar to ornate churches of Spain.


Whenever Spanish tiles are utilized, they definitely include vibrant colors and create a peculiar vibe. The more enriching and complicatedly designed tiles are mostly utilized for dividers and floors. Interestingly, a room can procure style from the mere choice of Spanish tiles within the middle of the lounge or on a highlight divider. Spanish tiles are also exceptionally successful as yard floors and garden pathways.

Choose your own style

Spanish tiles are made in an exquisite array of patterns and colors. If you consider roof replacement or building a brand-new home, Spanish tiles may be a perfect choice.

But you should always make your decision wisely. Even Spanish tiles come with advantages and disadvantages of their own. To help you better picture this let’s look at the two types of Spanish tiles we find in the market. 

  • Ceramic tiles

These tiles are easier to place. There are more extensive indoor and open-air implementations for ceramic tiles. The greatest advantage to utilizing ceramic tiles is that they are easy to maintain.

  • Clay tiles

Clay tiles can be more rural in appearance. They are more cost-friendly because of the simplicity with which every tile can be installed.


If you’re wondering if Spanish tiles are worth it, the answer is a simple yes. This is because you just can’t go wrong with it. It adds an elegant touch to any foundation it’s been incorporated in, and mesmerizes every eye that glances upon it. 

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