Helen Perry | Ashamed by Slow Response

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I am ashamed.

Why is it taking so long to come to the aid of Ukraine? Have we already forgotten that we did this same thing at the beginning of World War II? Just because it took us years to get involved and help Europe, it was still called World War II, and it’s still World War III right now even though we are not limiting air space or providing boots on the ground or planes in the air.

Of course it’s desirable to have “talks” rather than war. When has Vladimir Putin ever given anyone the idea that he’s willing to “talk”? And why would he stop now when he has been allowed to invade another country? Sanctions should have been started over a month ago to keep Russia from being able to invade. The U.S. is capable of supplying its own energy using our own resources, and that’s what we should always be doing. We have no reason to ever need anything, especially oil, from other countries. How does President Joe Biden get away with calling on us to “buy American” in his state of the union address when he isn’t even allowing us to do so?

The United Nations has, once again, proven itself worthless. They meet, they talk, they make speeches, but they never take any action. They should be ashamed. It’s time to take care of business with a bold move from all Western countries, regardless of the consequences. If we don’t, there will not be a world, or a conscience, worth saving from socialism, communism or environmental issues.

Helen Perry
Canyon Country

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