Ways To Stop Smoking


When you are a tobacco smoker, it is pretty challenging to stop because you are always urged to smoke. Though what many smokers don’t know is that the desire is intense before you smoke, the passion will end in 10 to 15 minutes whether you smoke or dip chewing tobacco. Each step you resist taking that one puff of smoking, you are one step to your journey. In this article, we will talk about ways to stop smoking cigarettes.  

The methods include; 

  • Trying nicotine replacement therapy  

You can ask your doctor about the best nicotine replacement therapy, and they can recommend; 

  • They can prescribe nicotine in a nasal spray or inhaler.  
  • Over-the, counter nicotine patches, gum and lozenges. 
  • I am recommending non-smoking medication such as Zyban and Chantix.   

Electronic cigarettes have also become very common today, and it is helping a lot of smokers to reduce their smoke intake.  VELO is one of the companies producing nicotine pouches that are very effective and indirect is also an excellent way to start when you need the best types of nicotine pouches. When you want to purchase amazing nicotine pouches you should visit Snusdirect, their page has all types of pouches that come in different colours, shapes and arts. 

  • Avoid triggers 

Triggers mainly occur when you frequently smoke cigarettes or chew tobacco, and these triggers mostly reoccur when you are out partying or clubbing with friends who smoke often.  Learn your triggers well to know how to prevent them and control them when they occur.  If you smoke a lot when on your phone, decide to take a pen and paper instead as a form of distraction. You could also chew gum or drink something.   

  • Delay  

If you feel like you will be triggered to smoke, you can give yourself 10minutes to see if you will cool down, then look for something that will distract you so that you don’t think of smoking.  You can decide to go to a smoke-free zone and sit there with your pack of cigarettes, and when you are tempted to smoke, you remember you can’t, which will stop you from smoking.  

  • Don’t have just one  

You might decide to take just one cigarette to satisfy your desire, but you shouldn’t do this because it will make you want to smoke even more because of how good you feel.   

  • Get physical  

Physical activities can distract you from smoking cigarettes.  You can decide to go out for a walk or go out jogging so that you can stop yourself from smoking a cigar.  In case you are stuck at home, you can decide to try out some exercises so that you can divert your thoughts from cigarettes.   

  • Call for reinforcement 

You can decide to go to a support group, or you can choose to call someone who will help you out with your journey of stopping to smoke.  


Cigarettes are very addictive, and when you start smoking, be very careful not to end up smoking a whole packet at once because this is not healthy.  The best thing is to smoke once in a while and find ways to stop smoking every time you get the urge to do it.   

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