Mr. SCV Publishes Volume No. 2 of ‘SCV Monsters’

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Often, the human monster is scarier than the phantasmagorical. Santa Clarita has been home to numerous Bigfoot sightings, killer African lions, puma attacks, witches, vampires, Old Testament insect invasions in the billions and even a saber-tooth tiger chance meeting. We’ve also had actual human cannibals, world-famous death cults, Charles Manson and unimaginable murders from unspeakably horrible souls. 

Award-winning Signal columnist and best-selling author John Boston just published Volume II of “Ghosts, Ghouls, Myths & Monsters — The Most Haunted Town in America.” It’s the second of a three-volume series and available on Winner of the Will Rogers Lifetime Achievement Award and for years noted as one of America’s top columnists, Boston is also The Signal’s history columnist. Under his pen names of Mr. Santa Clarita Valley and The Time Ranger, Boston has collected hundreds of local stories on the weird and macabre. 

“As the author, I really shouldn’t be saying this,” said Boston. “But as good as Volume I was, the sequel is even better. A pinch more exciting, if that’s possible. Bigger, too.” 

The 330-page trade paperback and e-book takes a lengthy look at decades of SCV Bigfoot sightings, cults like Tony and Susan Alamo, Charles Manson and the infamous Jonestown doomsday death cult, which owned a ranch in Castaic and whose CFO lived here. Besides tons of animal attack accounts, from apes to raccoons, insane camels to coyotes, “Monsters 2” also has a look at every Halloween in Santa Clarita for the past 100 years — plus.  

The Santa Clarita author has penned more than 11,000 columns and thousands more stories and features. His company,, launched early in 2022 and exclusively publishes his work, which includes the One-Word Book series and the Inappropriate Series. John Boston Books also offers, in e-book, trade paperback and soon, hardcover, his 5-star novel, “The Melancholy Samurai” and his bestseller cult classic, “Naked came the Sasquatch.”  

“Naked came the Novelist,” the long-awaited sequel to Sasquatch, will be coming out later this year. 

Volume III of “SCV Monsters” will also be coming out in mid-2022. It covers all the sci-fi, monster and horror films shot locally, with trivia on actors, stuntmen and production. 

“And, despite all the carnage,” said Boston, “it’s a really fun read. Buy several copies. Leave five stars and glowing reviews. Smile fondly in recalling a passage. Tell others.” 

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