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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Recently Lois Eisenberg penned a letter (May 13) wondering where the GOP had gone. She included in her scolding rant all the usual things people like her say about the GOP. Her bewilderment has caused me to author a response lest her confusion be needlessly prolonged.

 On behalf of the GOP, we’re not interested in what you think we should be or where we should go. We reject everything you stand for politically and we have no interest in capitulating to your favored form of governing policy. I cannot think of one thing leftists stand for that I favor and I would guess most of my fellow conservatives would agree with me. We stand against people like you who think as you do. Were I you, and thankfully I’m not, I would worry about your own party and your own failures. Any attempt by you and like-minded people to “fix” the GOP will be treated as the buffoonery it is.

 You’re welcome!

Brian Richards
Stevenson Ranch

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