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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Despite what some people would like us to accept nowadays, human beings, based on their chromosomes, are either female or male. That is a biological FACT that takes place at the moment of fertilization and each of us is either a biological female or a biological male at that time… period, end of story! You can call yourself whatever you want to, but that doesn’t change your biological existence as either male (XY) or female (XX). 

And another equally bizarre and biologically impossible claim that we hear all the time is when women make the statement: “My Body, My Choice.” Perhaps they are just echoing a phrase that they have been hearing for so long, but nonetheless, it is not factually based. 

I am not interested in entering into a debate over the legality or morality of abortion, only the biological FACTS surrounding the issue of what is and is not a woman’s body. 

A baby in the womb IS NOT in any way a “part” of the woman’s body who is carrying it. They do not even share the same blood. In fact they can and most times do have different blood types. The baby is totally enclosed and separated from the mother’s body by the amniotic sac. 

And to point out what I hope would be obvious, a woman has the ability to have a fertilized egg from others implanted into her womb, carry and give birth to a baby that in no way is a part of her. A Black mother and father can have their fertilized egg implanted into a white woman and the baby is still going to be Black and have the DNA of the Black parents, not the white woman who carried and gave birth to it. 

By definition, and in fact, abortion terminates a pregnancy by destroying the embryo or fetus. We can disagree over when that embryo or fetus is actually a human being, but regardless of that, abortion destroys/kills it. That’s just a fact and is the whole purpose of the process. 

Since we humans started living in groups we have had laws/rules that determined when the killing of another was permissible and justified, the most common being in defense of one’s own life. Even the most ardent “Right to Lifer” would not object to an abortion that was done to save the life of the mother, but that is seldom the case according even to Dr. Alan Guttmacher, the president of Planned Parenthood in 1967 when he stated: 

“Today it is possible for almost any patient to be brought through pregnancy alive, unless she suffers from a fatal illness such as cancer or leukemia, and, if so, abortion would be unlikely to prolong, much less save, life.” And that was way back in 1967. With the medical advances since then, abortions to save the life of the mother hardly ever exist, so the pro-abortion people need to come up with a different argument to sell their case. 

The sad and undeniable fact is that abortions are primarily done for convenience’s sake, which would NEVER be a legal excuse for taking the life of another human being. 

And it’s also very relevant to remember who the person who started the organization that evolved into Planned Parenthood was, and why the organization was started. Margaret Sanger was a devout, proud racist who viewed abortion as a way to reduced the number of Black babies being born. 

Rick Barker 


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