Rob Kerchner | A Dozen Lessons in a Month

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In the last month or so, we have been treated to: 

1) Vladimir Putin floundering in his Ukraine invasion and warning them to stop fighting back OR ELSE

2) Democracy’s self-appointed “protectors” bemoaning greater free speech. 

3) Tax-the-rich liberals wailing over a billionaire woke company losing a tax privilege.

4) Mask nazis having to settle for a mask over just their own face.

5) The first Black woman ever appointed to the Supreme Court being unaware of what a woman is.

6) A children’s entertainment company lobbying against legislation to protect children.

7) Bugout Joe Biden offering Ukraine’s Volodomyr Zelensky an Afghanistan-style evacuation.

8) Bakery-banning boycotters, who disdained a small business’ freedom of conscience regarding homosexuality, now massively supporting a billion-dollar business’ freedom of conscience regarding homosexuality.

9) Germ-fearing liberals turning (back) into war-fearing liberals who then embrace Ukraine — which only gets invaded when liberals are in the White House.

10) John Durham’s grand jury investigation of Hillary Clinton’s campaign and its “Russia collusion!” fakery.

11) The Department of Justice and IRS grand jury investigation of Hunter — and “10% for the big guy” — Biden.

12) COVID-19 fading into just another germ, to the chagrin of every bureaucrat and “health authority” in America.

As they say, the truth always comes out sooner or later. And that’s a dozen overdue truths.

Rob Kerchner


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