Robert Lamoureux | Do they have to take down the roof?

Robert Lamoureux
Robert Lamoureux

Question: Hi Robert, my name is Elizabeth W., I live in Canyon Country where I sit on the board of directors for our association. One of the overhangs out front has a pole that holds the roof up and is rotted underneath as well as where it sticks out on the end. They are telling us that the entire roof must come down in order to replace this piece of lumber. I’ve submitted a photo for you to review. Can you tell me if what we are being told is accurate? 

Answer: Elizabeth, what they’ll have to do is remove what looks like Spanish tiles but then they would be able to shore up the rafters to hold the remaining structure up while they make the beam repair. They’ll have to cut the damaged lumber into pieces to remove it, but then with enough manpower they will be able to slide a new beam into place and then secure it.  

It will take a bit of critical thinking, but it is definitely doable without dismantling the entire roof structure. I would recommend posing this option to your contractor, as it will likely lower the cost and save the HOA funds. Best of luck. 

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