Sales of Airborne Tech Drove Elbit Revenue Increase in 2022: Why is Airborne So In-Demand?


It seems sales of Elbit Systems’ many military tools, including drones and helmet-mounted displays are going through the roof. The Israeli military technology manufacturing company has seen a revenue increase over 2022. Elbit Systems are known to be the most cutting edge of military technology in order to keep lives safe, and the proof is in the pudding. 

Airborne systems offer a range of benefits, including the simple fact that they are usually remote. Why is that important? We’re breaking down why unmanned airborne tech is so popular today.

Use in the military 

Drones have become hugely beneficial in the military. Even if they were to solely do all the jobs that jets do, which isn’t the case, they are a far more affordable alternative. Using a fraction of the hardware, the latest software, and being unmanned, they don’t need the extensive training that it takes to be a fighter pilot. Militaries are saving a lot of money by sending unmanned drones to do the smaller tasks that need to be done. 

What are these tasks? Well, they can vary, but the most useful is reconnaissance and information collection. By remotely piloting a drone and sending it into an area that could be potentially dangerous, military operatives can conduct the drone to record the situation. The drone can stream back to them footage of the area, allowing them to figure out where the exits are, where hiding places are, and create a plan to move forward with the least amount of harm to nearby civilians. 

And that’s all without mentioning the lives being saved by having any unmanned vehicle. Elbit Systems drones allow a driver to control the vehicle from afar, which is one less person that could be harmed from being sent into the middle of the action. 

Other unmanned vehicles in the military 

Of course, with advantages like that, the idea of unmanned vehicles soon took to the land and the sea. 

Unmanned tanks allow the military to venture into dangerous areas without risking the lives of their soldiers and are used for a number of operations, including the rescue of civilians, transport, reconnaissance and more. 

Plus, unmanned bomb disposal vehicles are also of the norm. In an extremely high-risk situation, the military can send in an unmanned bot that is controlled from afar to dismantle and dispose of a bomb. 

There are similar functions for unmanned underwater vehicles, which are designed to sniff out underwater mines and dismantle them. However, they are also often used to gather information on the state of the water, like oxygen levels and turbulence which can inform submarines on the best route to take. 


There are various reasons why unmanned vehicles are considered the way forward, particularly in the military, where they can save lives from keeping soldiers and civilians far from the danger, so it only makes sense that Elbit’s revenue is going up as the years go on. No doubt more militaries will embrace the idea of unmanned tools on the field.

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