Santa Clarita Mayor Encourages Local Exploration


Mayor Laurene West has urged citizens to explore Santa Clarita and to indulge in the local arts, culture, and scenery. But she hasn’t just encouraged local exploration, she’s challenged everyone to do so on two wheels. West says that you can travel almost anywhere in the city and beyond on the protected trails and paseos, and this makes day trips easy. The following are some of the best attractions to see within an hour of Santa Clarita. Whether you choose to do so on two wheels or four is up to you. 

Vasquez Rocks, Southern California 

The Vasquez Rocks are a short drive or a cycle of approximately 25.1 km out of the main city of Santa Clarita. In keeping with the area’s history of Hollywood film production, the Rocks have been used in multiple blockbuster productions over the past few decades. With their silver screen ties, they have become a major tourist attraction in the region as they’ve appeared in films and television productions such as Star Trek, Friends, and New Girl. The rock formations are incredible and unique, and they look extremely native to the dusty region. This is a must-see for movie fans looking to take a day trip within an hour of Santa Clarita. 

Santa Clarita Trails 

The Santa Clarita trails are a perfect day trip within an hour of the city center for any prospective cyclists, hikers, or fitness junkies. Taking a walk through the iconic masons of California while spotting wildlife and movie studios in the distance is the perfect way to experience the less glamorous side of the star-studded region. The vast Santa Clarita trails offer more than 80 miles of terrain that you can explore by foot or bicycle. 

If you drive to the trails, be sure to take note of the trailheads and parking for each. Doing so can help to ensure that you don’t get stuck and need to be towed. The average price of towing a car in California is around $125 for every 10 miles, and if you get stuck or break down, you’ll need to have a towing company’s number on hand and wait for them to get you and your car to safety

The Melody Ranch Museum 

Melody Ranch is less of a museum than it is a small functioning town of people. It stores artifacts from over 9 decades of Western Movies, as the museum is actually a 22-acre recreation of an old, dusty Western town. 

Melody Ranch is equipped with everything a small town would require, such as a long stretch of Main Street, a hotel, saloon, general store, and jail. This is simply a must-see for anyone who wants to feel as though they are in a different world completely or like they are starring in a Western classic. 

Take Up The Challenge Of Exploring Santa Clarita 

It’s clear that there’s plenty to see and do around Santa Clarita. It’s no wonder that Mayor Laurene West has issued such a challenge, it’s really not a tough ask to explore such an incredible place, especially if you can do so and save on gas – and the environment.

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