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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

How many will it take?

As regressives do their usual fake impersonation of sympathy and nobility on the graves of dead children, they seem to be able to only ask one question: How many deaths will it take for us to give them their way on relinquishing our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms? Of course it’s a meaningless question that does nothing to prevent mass shootings and is only meant to score cheap political points. The left does not care about needless deaths, including and especially children as I’ll demonstrate below. The left only cares about control and they like to have a tantrum when they can’t get their way.

To the regressive population in our country, 100,000 mostly young people died of overdoses in the last year. Most of these overdoses were due to fentanyl. How many of those deaths will it take to finally get tough on China, where the poison is manufactured, and stop the pipeline coming through our southern border to solve this plague?

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are victimized by crimes committed by illegal aliens. How many murders and crimes against Americans and lawful immigrants will it take to seal our border with Mexico?

Murder and crime is up in every major city while at the same time soft-on-crime district attorneys are letting criminals literally serve little, if any time. How many Americans needlessly victimized by criminals will it take for leftists to lock them up instead of slapping them on the wrist? When will regressives admit their soft-on-crime approach doesn’t work and is causing untold damage to this country and its lawful citizens?

There are approximately 15,000 murders committed by criminals with guns, 97% of them with a handgun. How many of those deaths will it take for soft-on-crime district attorneys to enforce the laws already on our books regarding the felonious use of a gun? There are 20,000 gun laws in this country! 

I will not be lectured to by the left who have perverted this nation into the lawless wasteland it has become in many places. I will not be shamed into giving up my rights under the Constitution to satisfy your sick fetish of blaming 100 million lawful gun owners for the actions of a minute minority. I would challenge the left to fix the above problems but we all know they won’t. The only thing that will fix the above problems is new leadership. 

Brian Richards

Stevenson Ranch

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