CRTA honors students with scholarships

CRTA scholarship winners. Courtesy photo.

News release 

The local chapter of California Retired Teachers Association recently held its annual scholarship luncheon after a two-year hiatus. Members and their supporters raised enough to award 16 local high school seniors a scholarship.   

The scholars were selected by the SCV Scholarship Foundation. Fourteen of the recipients were able to attend the luncheon, which was attended by almost 70 people. The following scholarships were awarded:  

• Linda Potter Scholarships: Alondra Herrera, Nina Canepa, Savannah Conant, Maria Isabela Franco Jauregui. 

Dan Place Scholarships: Jade Reed, Elizabeth Orozco, Sierra Leth, Alex Villa. 

• Kern Family Scholarship: Sam Esquivel.  

McGrath Family Scholarship: Peyton Grider. 

• Mike Shuman Division 68 CalRTA Scholarship: Zoillie Sanchez Gil. 

Mike Pace Scholarships: Jasmine Perez Luna, Aja Esposito, Sarah Bradder, Mia Sefvidal, Kira Sendewicz. 

For information about CalRTA, check,, or [email protected]. 

Mike Pace Scholarship winners. Courtesy photo.
Linda Potter Scholarship winners. Courtesy photo.
McGrath, Kern, Schuman scholarship winners. Courtesy photo.
Dan Place Scholarship winners. Courtesy photo.

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