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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I have always been impressed by Arthur Saginian’s letters. As he noted (June 14), I am not that smooth. Diane Zimmerman twice spoke of possible or “potential” voter fraud she claims to have seen. Twice I asked her for examples of said fraud. None were produced. 

I disagree with Saginian: I consider myself to be a Democrat. At least, that is what my registration says. All the other terms my neighbors call me is just tribalism. I am not convinced they know what those terms mean.

Anyone who has ever planned a “surprise party” knows that secrecy is almost impossible. Multiply that by the thousands of people and multiple locations across the country, any chance of a conspiracy of the magnitude Diane is insinuating isn’t possible. I believe, in one of my letters, I told Diane to “put up, or shut up!” All I want from these conspiracy claimants is some evidence.

Gary Morrison


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