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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

About 70 years ago, I worked a regular job, went to school and on the weekends cleaned doctor offices for extra income. It was a memorable experience. First I learned how really messy doctors were. But, in one of the offices I saw something that is forever stuck in my mind. I saw large jars containing small babies. Some were perfect in very way and preserved in a liquid, probably formaldehyde. I saw quite a number of them over a period of months until the doctor was arrested and closed his office. Looking back, I wonder what those beautiful children in the jars might have done with their lives. I also could not help thinking that some of them weighed more than the 3.5 pounds I did when I was born.

I understand that abortion doctors are very caring people and if an aborted child is living when removed from the mother, it is kept comfortable until it dies. How thoughtful.

Neil Davis


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