Paige Weaver | Promoting Horrible Outcomes

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The Democrat party has long been the champion of killing babies in the womb before they have a chance at life, resulting in the slaughter of 62 million lost Americans since 1973. Last year, their open border policies, in apparent partnership with the Mexican drug cartels and their suppliers, opened the floodgates to vastly increased dissemination of deadly drugs throughout the United States, resulting in 100,000-plus deaths, which is more lives lost in one year than in 10 years of the tragic Vietnam War. Each week for many years now, we are treated to news from Democrat-run cities of never-ending gang violence, arson, rape, murder and other serious crimes. And now we find that the Democrat economic policies under hapless Joe Biden are resulting in food shortages of all kinds. In particular, mothers are finding difficulty in getting formula for their infant children. So, it appears that Democrat enthusiasm for destroying life in the womb has expanded. To wit: If you can’t get them in the womb, try starving them as infants; if that doesn’t work, maybe crime and violence will do the trick; if that doesn’t work, trust in lethal illegal drugs. 

Democrats like to describe themselves as the party of the poor and the working man. From here, it seems a more proper description is the party whose leadership, whether deliberately, though incompetence, or both, goes out of its way to promote horrible outcomes. 

Paige Weaver 


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