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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In re: Dennis Bartash, “Nothing Wrong with Registering Guns,” letters, June 3.

As a life member of the National Rifle Association as well as being a federally licensed gunsmith, I would like to shoot (pun intended) a few holes in Mr. Bartash’s argument. 

Personally I have no use for higher-than-standard-capacity magazines for either my rifles or my handguns, primarily because they are VERY prone to malfunctioning and also because it takes so little time to change magazines that I find them completely unnecessary. 

And now to the absolutely most ridiculous part of Mr. Bartash’s rambling. “No one will come and take away weapons. It’s just that when you register them, you are less apt to use them irresponsibly.” 

First of all, anyone reading or watching the news has seen and heard numerous politicians up to and including the president of the United States as well as the most recent appointee to the Supreme Court stating that they are in favor of laws to confiscate certain types of weapons and ban their future manufacture and sale. 

And secondly, I will need Mr. Bartash, or anyone for that matter, to explain in detail exactly how my firearm being registered would in any way at all prevent me from misusing it? If I’m crazy enough to shoot people in other than self-defense, why in the world would I care if the weapon is registered to me or not? If I get away without being caught, law enforcement doesn’t know that my firearm was the weapon used. And, if I’m caught in the act they would already have me and the firearm together on the scene. So how does the firearm being registered prevent anything at all from taking place? The most recent mass shootings were committed with firearms registered to the scumbag shooters and the weapons were purchased legally because neither shooter had a criminal history except for sealed juvenile offenses that they did not have to report on the form they filled out to purchase the weapon[s]. And does anyone really and truly believe that any of these monsters would have not committed those crimes just because they couldn’t legally buy a firearm? If you do, I have some really nice oceanfront property in Nebraska I’ll sell you really cheap! 

Laws in general are after-the-fact instruments that do absolutely nothing other than provide prosecutors with the legal language for charging someone with a crime that has already been committed. 

Anyone driving on the Interstate 5 or State Route 14 freeways out here should be able to see how well the legal speed limit is obeyed by the majority of drivers. So much for laws preventing crimes and illegal activity! 

Rick Barker 


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