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Santa Clarita Councilman Bill Miranda

As an art admirer, I am always excited to see new exhibits and installations at our city facilities throughout Santa Clarita. This summer, take the time to explore galleries full of photographs, textiles, paintings and more – all for free. I am proud that the city dedicates so much time to working with local artists to feature their works and collaborate on projects. Not only does this allow for a great working relationship with our talented local artists, but it also helps us engage with our residents and provide opportunities to enjoy a variety of art exhibits.   

One of the art galleries I am most excited about is the youth artists solo show at the Santa Clarita Public Library Canyon County Jo Anne Darcy Branch. This art exhibit features the incredible work of 14-year-old local artist Matthew Santos. His paintings feature lush landscapes comprised of green mountains and in-depth scenes of nature, and transports viewers deep into the great outdoors.  

As an artist who has autism, Santos uses his brushstrokes as a way to communicate and share his thoughts without words while providing himself peace and focus. This nature-driven art exhibit will allow the mind to wander through calming trails and ascend through valleys. Be sure to stop by this exhibit while visiting your local library branch from July 28 through Dec. 21.   

While you are enjoying the new Canyon Country Farmer’s Market on Wednesday nights or attending the monthly Celebrate Series, make sure you stop by Josué Silva’s “Earthereal Views” exhibit at the Canyon Country Community Center Gallery. This photography exhibit combines aerial photos with contrasting colors and shapes, bending the viewer’s mind and perspectives. This gallery introduces abstract patterns, shapes and textures to reflect the natural beauty of the world. This breathtaking gallery will be on display through Aug. 31.  

Last month a new, permanent art sculpture was installed just outside the Santa Clarita Public Library Old Town Newhall Branch. This book-inspired bike rack was created by artist Greg Mueller and invites residents to park their bikes in this literacy and arts-inspired sculpture. Mueller’s design incorporated the bike culture in the city of Santa Clarita as well as the community engagement at the local library branches. This functional art piece uses reclaimed bike frames, which are mounted into pages of an open book.  

I encourage all of our residents to pedal over to Old Town Newhall and park their bikes at our new art sculpture. With so many shops, restaurants and the library branch to enjoy, you can truly find everything you need all in one place!  

At the Santa Clarita Public Library Valencia Branch, enjoy the newest art exhibit called “Fluid Art: Elements of Nature” by Caroline Chung Takeda. This exhibit features acrylic flow painting, also known as fluid painting, which is inspired by the artist’s emotions and sensory motivation of what she sees, hears and feels. This art exhibit will be on display through Oct. 6.  

Across the street at our Santa Clarita City Hall, get ready to walk into a world of textiles as the walls of the First Floor Gallery are transformed for the new “Fiber Art” exhibit. The featured art pieces are comprised of fibers and textiles that are hung down from the ceilings for residents to enjoy. Art pieces include intricately woven portraits, abstract-inspired nature hangings as well as threaded images. I welcome all of our residents to City Hall to enjoy this new exhibit, which will be on display until Sept. 16.  

As an art advocate, I invite residents from across the valley to support their local artists and come out to enjoy all of these free galleries. Not only can you learn more about art, but also you can engage with other community members and appreciate the incredible pieces of art at our multiple gallery locations. If you would like to learn more about the exhibits or would like to explore the many art pieces in the city, please visit  

Bill Miranda is a member of the Santa Clarita City Council and can be reached at [email protected]. 

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