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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Regressives love to distract and to gaslight. For proof, just look at what they submit to these pages for publication. Just in the last week or so we’ve seen letters complaining about President Donald Trump, global warming, guns, President Trump, abortion, Mike Garcia, and of course, President Trump.

 Isn’t it curious how they don’t talk about inflation at a 40-year high? Isn’t it odd they don’t want to talk about the recession, assuming you can get one to agree on what the historical definition of recession is? 

They sure don’t want to talk about the tax increase winding its way through Congress, laughably called the Reduce Inflation Act. Raising taxes reduces inflation? 

They don’t want to talk about the border and about how more than 2 million people have breached it this fiscal year, 20% more than even last year. They whined for years about Trump’s wall but are oddly silent about Biden restarting construction on part of it. How about crime? That should be something we can all get behind. Nope, they don’t want to talk about that, either. 

Being an affluent liberal, like Gary Horton for example, means you never have to dirty your thoughts about things like rampant crime. Surely there must be something good happening for them to brag about? Foreign policy perhaps? Nope, that’s not going very well, either. We’ve flushed $65 billion down the Ukrainian toilet defending one tyrant against another. China threatened to blow Nancy Pelosi’s plane out of the sky if she went to Taiwan. The response to that outrage has been more impotence from the Joe Biden administration. 

Leftists claimed Biden would return the country and the world to normal. That his 47 years in office would bring expertise that we’ve never witnessed before. The truth is that the opposite has happened and since they have nothing to brag or be happy about, they need to fill their emptiness with Donald Trump. They hitched their wagon to an incompetent buffoon and now they can’t admit their error. 

If it weren’t so pathetic, it might actually be funny. 

Brian Richards

Stevenson Ranch

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