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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I am a resident of Valencia. This decision could very likely affect us all as it would set a precedent. 

I attended the Newhall School District board meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 9, in support of the folks in Stevenson Ranch who, overwhelmingly, oppose the proposed location for this cell tower. 

Just from what I heard from the representative of the company proposing this cell tower plan, the “no-brainer” answer from the Los Angeles County Regional Planning Commission should be an overwhelming “NO”! 

AT&T came up with this location and plan in 2015 and the homeowners successfully challenged it. 

The plan has been resurrected. 

Apparently, AT&T has not seen fit, though requested many times, to make an appearance at (community) meetings to discuss the pros and cons of this “probable health hazard” to the community. 

Any chance of a health hazard should be a definite “no,” in my opinion. 

What is bothering me most is the fact that the president of the homeowners association seems to think he does not have a need to listen to the residents urging him to try to put a halt to the location of this cell tower. His HOA will be receiving rental income from the tower at this location.  

Homeowners Protecting Stevenson Ranch is opposed to the proposed AT&T macro site with a 75-foot tower, a building and a generator located adjacent to the park. 

The proposed tower site is located less than a quarter-mile from Stevenson Ranch Elementary School and numerous homes. It would be more than 40 feet taller than the water tower and visible throughout the neighborhood, and would be for limited AT&T 4LTE and 5G customers only.

Homeowners Protecting Stevenson Ranch has provided many options to improve cell service. 

I would advise the residents of not only Stevenson Ranch, but also the whole of SCV go on the Homeowners Protecting Stevenson Ranch site and look into this yourselves. I have done so and am amazed at the thorough investigation this group has undertaken, and the time put in to offer alternatives. 

You can find them at www.stopthesrtower.com. 

We all need to make calls opposing this. Unfortunately, the vote takes place at the county Regional Planning Commission on Aug. 17. So hurry! 

If you live in Stevenson Ranch, contact HOA President Paul Ash. You should already have access to his contact info. 

The “probable” health hazards alone should be enough to put a halt to AT&T’s hunger for more and more of our money. 

Diane Zimmerman 


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