Top College Football Players In 2022


Looking at college football’s top division alone, there are around 13,000 players for us to sift through. Each of them has amazing skill and potential, and although people will scream their number from the screen, very few will know their names. 

That stops here. Looking at the NCAAF odds, you can already see who the best players are, and we want to ensure they get the acknowledgment they deserve.  

Bryce Young – Quarterback for Alabama 

Young is fated to be a first-round pick in the NFL drafts, but for now, he continues to play in for the Crimson Tide. 

So far, Young has been the leading quarterback for Alabama. He may have been defeated in the game against Georgia, but that doesn’t stop Young from being the leading college football player of his time. 

Young has suffered from injuries in the last season, however, his recovery has been immense and the quarterback is ready to play on. As long as the rest of the Alabama team is at his level, then the Crimson Tide will continue to run high. 

Deuce Vaughn – Running Back for Kansas State 

In the 2021 games, Vaughn was, without a doubt, the most enjoyable player on the field. No one was expecting the 5ft 6, 170-pound man to be of much importance, as no one knew his name. 

Still, it wasn’t long until Vaughn was starting to make headlines, as with him on board, Kansas State created a strong 8-win season. 

Vaughn was largely responsible for that hike, and he gained those points in style. Running 1,400 yards with a 6-yard average, along with his 18 touchdowns meant that this running back was a productive and inspiring player that everyone could rally behind. 

Jacob Cowing – Wide Receiver for Arizona 

Jacob Cowing is one of the fastest players in college football. You can even argue that Cowing is one of the fastest players in the NFL too. His lightning-fast speed has helped him create 1,354 yards, which is why he will be transferred to the Wildcats. 

Cowing has officially ranked as the 3rd highest PFF grade in 2021 with a record 90.3 to boot. 

Arizona really needs a star player to help them get out of their slump, and Cowing is the man for the job. 

Andrew Vorhees – Offensive Lineman for USC 

You might be surprised to see a USC player so high up this list, and they aren’t even Celeb Williams or RB Travis Dye.  

Before Vorhees made an entrance, the Trojans were all centered around Williams and Dyem. But many people theorized that the team had too many structural holes in their team to make a big difference. This meant that the offensive lines and defensive lines would crumble no matter how strong their new talent was. 

Step in Vorhees. 

With Andrew on the line, Williams had enough cover and time to move the ball. Vorhees gave USC the foundation it needed to allow their top players to push forward. This is the sign of a star. 

Calijah Kancey – Defensive Tackle for Pitt 

Kancey is considered “undersized” for a defensive tackle, and yet he has the stamina and strength to knock over offensive linemen double his size. 

Many people are comparing Kancey with Aaron Donald who is a current star for the Los Angeles Rams. If Kancey can continue this line of power, he has a large chance of pushing the Pitts to the top of the conference. 

Andre Carter II – Outside Linebacker for Army 

Although Will Anderson was the national lead for all things sacks in 2021, Carter is giving the linebacker a run for this money. This champion has set a new record of 15.5 sacks for the season, which triumphs over his previous academy numbers. 

Carter is an unusual sportsman, as the academies find it hard to produce good defensive players. And yet Carter is a dominant force who can reach for the top numbers like the most aggressive colleges.  

Because this type of reach is so unusual for Army, you can expect Andre Carter to turn some heads. If this player can be produced in a wasteland of talent, what can he do with a winning team’s coach? 

Kelee Ringo – Cornerback for Georgia 

Although Ringo is just a sophomore, and we can expect more experience and skill from this ever-growing player, many people say that he has already peaked. 

They are, of course, referring to Ringo’s amazing interception of Bryce Young. Everyone knows that Young is going to be a star among greats and is destined to play in the NFL. And yet Ringo, a mere sophomore, interrupted Young’s flow with a minute left on the close. It was a national title game, and he was able to run it back 79 yards helping to complete the Bulldog’s first championship in over 40 years. 


All of these college players are going to be stars one day. If their names are already in lights or not, it won’t take long for the games of 2022 to showcase the amazing talents of these players. 

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