Different Methods Of Teeth Replacement


Losing teeth becomes more common as we age, and it can have a detrimental impact on the way we feel about ourselves. Thankfully, there is a range of replacement methods that are becoming more advanced and accessible to all of us, so there is something to suit everyone. You could choose veneers turkey to fill gaps in your teeth and enhance your smile, or a dental implant for a permanent and natural-looking solution. Read on to find out more about these options and how they can benefit you!


If you’ve lost a few teeth, dentures can be the best solution when it comes to restoring your smile. And don’t worry, they’ve come a long way and have developed a lot in how they look over the last decade or so. They can be made to look just like your teeth, so no one will ever know the difference. Although dentures can look natural, they are often held into your mouth with clips which fit around your teeth. Unfortunately, you can see these clips as they are metal, and they can give you away! If this doesn’t bother you, dentures can be a good solution to your problem.

Your dentist will advise that you visit regularly so that your dentures can be adapted to the shape of your gum, which changes over time. Too much pressure on your gum due to an ill-fitting denture can result in the denture itself breaking, so it is better to keep on top of your dentist visits to eradicate this problem. One of the main advantages of dentures is that they are cheaper compared to other ways of replacing teeth!

Dental Bridge

This is another option that you will come across when looking at methods to replace your missing teeth. They can replace a few missing teeth from one side of the mouth, or both, and they can look a lot more subtle than dentures as the wire that holds them into the mouth is hidden. The teeth on either side of your missing one need to be prepped so that your bridge can be fitted comfortably – this could mean compromising perfectly healthy teeth. As your mouth and bones in your jaw change over time, your bridge may not fit as snugly as you would like, so trips to the dentist to improve this is essential.

Dental Implants

These are one of the most advanced, and natural-looking ways to fill a gap in your teeth. A dental implant replicated the way the root of the tooth sits in the gum and helps to keep your jaw’s overall shape. A titanium screw is placed inside the jaw, and once healed, fuses to the bone so that it cannot move. A custom crown is then fitted to match the rest of your teeth and is a permanent solution. A dental implant should be looked after as you would your normal teeth, with regular brushing and flossing, and can last a lifetime if looked after properly. Although dental implants can be expensive, they are worth the investment, and various dentists will offer payment plans to make them more accessible to all.

Leave a gap There is always an option that you leave a gap in your teeth, especially if the space doesn’t bother you. However, as the years go on, you might find that you find it more difficult to chew food, or the gum becomes irritated or sensitive where your tooth is missing. Your other teeth will also have to bear the work of the missing tooth, which means placing them under more strain. Your face may also begin to sink, making a missing tooth more noticeable. With a range of teeth replacement methods, dentists recommend that you do not leave a gap in your teeth as it can lead to many issues with the rest of your teeth, as well as your jaw, over time.

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