John Weaver | The Pot Calling the Kettle a Fascist

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Letters to the Editor
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On Thursday, Aug. 25, President Joe Biden likened Republicans to fascists. Not all Republicans, he said, but primarily those unredeemably evil MAGA types that make up most of the party. Being primarily MAGA myself, I determined to examine the proposition: “Am I a Fascist? Are my fellow MAGAs?” 

First, what is fascism? There seem to be several mostly confusing definitions, but common characteristic include: 

Fascism is centered on the state with everything — people, business, teachers, doctors, parents, children, etc. — being expected to subordinate all other interests to the needs and interests of the state. There is no such thing as individual “inalienable rights.” One of the tenets of the MAGA movement is protection of individual rights by adherence to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. So MAGA cannot be considered fascist by this basic definition. Indeed, it is entirely anti-fascist. 

Meanwhile, the Biden administration spends much time attacking rights as in gun control in violation of the Second Amendment; setting up truth panels, colluding with mainstream media and social media to control news, and attacking churches in violation of the First Amendment; authorizing illegal searches and seizures in violation of the Fourth Amendment; and issuing numerous presidential fiats as if he were king in violation of basic constitutional authority. It seems the Biden administration has a decidedly fascist tint. Fascism Score: Democrats 1, MAGA 0. 

Economically, fascism allows for private ownership of property and business, but only insofar as business and property owners obey the dictates of the state. Thus, for example, in a fascist state business owners and individuals can be punished, restrained or shut down if they don’t get a government-approved shot, or don’t wear a government-approved mask, or have more than a government-approved number of guests in their home or church or protest a non-government-approved grievance. For years MAGA adherents have been standing against such government intrusions while Biden and his Democrat cronies have been imposing them. Fascism Score: Democrats 2, MAGA 0. 

Fascism inevitably leads to economic malaise and failures. To cover such problems, the state must find a scapegoat to direct attention in another direction. For Nazi Germany in the 1930s the scapegoat was Jews. We are all familiar with the resulting tragedy of 6-plus-million lives lost. On Sept. 1, Biden, in a predictably fascist manner, came out to announce the scapegoat for his administration. In a speech reminiscent of those given by Adolph Hitler on a blood-hued stage of which Satan worshipers might be proud, Biden told us who we must blame and who we must hate. We should, he implied, turn our attention away from things like skyrocketing food and fuel prices, from a disaster in Afghanistan, from war in Ukraine for which he is arguably responsible, from shortages, from recession, from homosexual sex practices being taught in grade school along with Critical Race Theory and other subjects strongly disapproved by most parents, from Department of Justice and FBI attacks on parents as well as political enemies, from hordes of illegal aliens surging across our southern border, from 100,000 drug overdose deaths last year in our country, from 87,000 new armed IRS agents ready to harass us, and from crime running rampant in our cities. No, says Joe Biden, instead we should turn our attention to the real cause of the world’s difficulties, MAGA suppporters. They are an existential threat to “democracy.” They must occupy our attention. Fascism Score: Democrats 3, MAGA 0. 

It should be obvious that Biden’s pathetic, disingenuous, reprehensible attempt to smear MAGA with a fascist brush is an attempt to mask his own failures as elections approach. Voters should not be fooled. If things like runaway inflation and the many other ills caused directly by his administration are to their liking, they should vote for Democrats to continue the disaster. If not, they should vote Republican.    

John Weaver


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