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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

While the old saying, “Don’t tell me… show me,” has been attributed to many people over the years, I’d like to bring it into today’s world where it has never been more relevant, and especially so for the residents of our wonderful country in general and the residents of our 25th Congressional District (27th in 2023) in particular. 

As those who read my submissions to The Signal’s opinion page are aware, I am an unapologetic conservative and also a huge supporter of Congressman Mike Garcia.  

My support for Mike has very little to do with his political party affiliation and is primarily based on the undeniable and very well-documented fact that he gets things done for the people in this district and he could care less what party you belong to or if you voted for him or not. If you need help, Rep. Garcia will be there for you. 

And, if getting something done requires him to work across the aisle with his Democrat colleagues in the House, he has a proven track record (see his congressional website for the many examples) of unapologetically doing just that in order to get legislation written and passed for the people of this country and those of us here in his district. 

Contrast this with his opponent in this race (again!) Ms. Christy Smith. Ms. Smith supports and advocates for pretty much every far-left issue out there and, along with the current president of the United States and the House and Senate speakers, she considers all people who may disagree with those far-left views as being un-American and against democracy and the country. 

Rep. Garcia works to unite and help people, NOT to divide them or pit them against each other like his opponent Ms. Smith, and his proven track record of getting results is there to see for those willing to open their eyes and cover their ears to all the partisan (rhetoric) out there. 

Rick Barker 


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