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Nowadays, it seems like everyone knows an influencer — if you aren’t one yourself already! In LA alone, thousands of content creators call the city home, and they belong to a global creator community that’s estimated to exceed 50 million people.

With so many options available online today, you might be tempted to reach out to the world’s top content creators who boast huge followings, no matter where they live.

But this could spell trouble for your influencer marketing campaign. A more effective strategy involves geotargeting your campaign to LA and working with local influencers who know the city and its people.

What is Localization?

Localization is a marketing technique that makes your brand more accessible to a global audience by adapting content for a smaller demographic. When it comes to your influencer marketing campaign, it involves working with an influencer agency in LA to find content creators who live and work in Los Angeles to market LA-based businesses.

With an LA-based influencer, your endorsed posts will naturally be more relevant to your target audience of Los Angelenos. As a result, your campaign will have a greater chance of being a success with this demographic.

The same rules apply if you’re launching a new product or locations across several cities, states, or countries. You’ll want to localize for each target audience to ensure your campaign has the greatest impact with the right demographic.

Why is Localization Important to Your Campaign?

Localized influencer marketing strategies just make sense for your brand. Here are two solid reasons why this targeted approach can help you reach more people.

1. It Establishes Authenticity

Authenticity is the name of the game when it comes to influencer marketing. Your campaign will be at its most effective when you partner with genuine content creators whose posts are relatable and real.

Localizing your search for creators makes it easier to share personalized posts that reflect the needs, perspectives, and behaviour of people in LA. In many cases, LA-based influencers have built careers on being a local, and they’re known by their followers to care about the area.

Consumers are more likely to trust what influencers say about your product or brand when this authenticity rubs off on your endorsed posts.

2. It’s a Cost-Effective Approach

Another way of talking about localized influencer marketing is on the micro scale. This niche focus means you’re looking at creators who have fewer than 50K followers. In some cases, you can zoom in even further and partner with nano influencers, or those with 10K followers or less.

Nano creators often have highly localized content that people trust. Without a huge following, they’re seen more like friends or neighbours who offer honest information about their endorsements.

Nanos are also some of the most budget-friendly options for your campaign. The best influencer marketing Los Angeles has to offer can provide roughly 15 nano creators for every one creator who boasts millions of followers.

In other words, you can have 15 creators produce content for an ultra-niche audience that’s tailor-made for your brand for the same price as one mega influencer with generic, national appeal.

It’s more bang for your buck in terms of the number of creators. However, this targeted outreach promises a greater return on investment as nano creators’ followers are more likely to engage and connect with their posts.

Talk to Influencer Marketing Agencies in Los Angeles:

Influencer marketing is all about finding your niche online, and localization is just a way to concentrate on your target audience. Get in touch with the experts to find local, nano creators who fit your brand.

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