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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I’m writing to urge residents of District 2 in the Newhall School District to vote for my friend Suverna Mistry. Suverna is a fabulously qualified candidate — a former lawyer who has advocated tirelessly for our schools for years. We have worked together on various issues affecting Newhall district students for the past few years, and she is a highly intelligent, focused woman who already has devoted tons of time and effort to make our schools better. 

Did you know that a year ago, L.A. County Public Health sought to mandate weekly COVID testing for 5- and 6-year-olds playing T-ball? Yes, after locking kids out of athletics during the pandemic, the county wanted little kids to test to hang out in the outfield! This requirement could have ended the seasons before they started, since volunteer-run organizations don’t all have the manpower to accommodate the proposal.  Suverna found out about this and helped mobilize the groundswell of opposition, and the county backed down. 

She has the support of many elected leaders in Santa Clarita, including the seat’s incumbent, who chose not to run for re-election. Suverna isn’t running because she wants to be in politics, or because of her aspirations for higher political office. No, she wants to keep political influence out of our schools, and keep the focus on the students. Please join me in supporting her on your ballot. 

In addition, no matter what district you live in, please vote for Lance Christensen for state superintendent of public instruction. I met him this summer and he is articulate, passionate and well-qualified to lead at the state level. His opponent, incumbent Tony Thurmond, has done NOTHING to earn reelection. He was MIA during the pandemic, while our students floundered on Zoom school months after students in other states and Europe were safely back in the classroom. California has the lowest literacy rates in the country, with no help coming from Thurmond. To be reelected, you should be GOOD at your job, not just the guy currently IN the position. 

I also urge a vote for Lanhee Chen for state controller. Even if you are a Democrat, please consider Chen over his challenger, Malia Cohen. Chen has the background necessary to follow through on auditing many parts of our dysfunctional state government. His endorsement list is impressive and bipartisan. 

Lisa Howard 


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