Portugal national team: do “European Brazilians” have a chance at the World Cup?


Very soon, the World Cup, expected by a multi-million army of fans, will come. This year the World Cup is being held in Qatar, the first match in which the host team of the tournament will meet with the team of Ecuador will take place on November 20. The upcoming championship is unusual in terms of location and time. We also note that for many football superstars (Lionel Messi, Robert Lewandowski, Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale), due to their age, a tournament of this level could be the last in their careers.

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It won’t be easy in the early stages

The draw sent the Portuguese national team to Group H. There are no teams from the top ten of the rating among the rivals, but the company was very difficult. To say that the Portuguese have already secured access to the playoffs, perhaps, is not worth it. “European Brazilians” will have at least two very difficult matches. However, the bookmakers are confident that the Portuguese team will overcome the first stage and advance to the next round. It remains to find out from where and who will keep the Portuguese company

The composition of the H group

  • Portugal
  • Uruguay
  • South Korea
  • Ghana

Uruguay: are all the victories in the past

The Uruguay national team is one of the most titled teams in football. The Sky Blues have twice become world champions, however, the last time they succeeded was back in 1950. In 2010, Uruguay climbed to fourth place and this was the last success of the team. Today, the “sky blue” led by their stars Luis Suarez, Frederico Valverde, Ronaldo Araujo are again ready to fight for the title. However, already here the team may face great difficulties. Teams of Portugal and South Korea will try to get ahead of the South Americans. Prediction: exit from the group, the chances of winning the championship are low: 1 to 51.

South Korea: what the Asian tiger is capable of

Unlike the Uruguayans, the South Korean team does not have so many stars – it has other qualities. First of all, experts note the discipline, organization, physical fitness and high spirit of the “Asian tigers”. Thanks to these qualities, the team reached the semi-finals of the World Cup in 2002, where in the fight for third place it was minimally inferior to the German team. Whether the Koreans will be able to repeat their success of twenty years ago, we will find out very soon. Prediction: tough fight to advance from the group, the chances for the title are minimal: 1 to 401.

Ghana: exiting the group is already a success

The Black Eagles only once reached the ¼ stage at the World Championships, so leaving the group will already be a success for this team. Coach Addo Otto managed to gather all the best football players under the banner of the national team, most of whom play in European clubs.

Forecast: despite the low position in the world ranking of national teams, bookmakers believe that Ghana will leave the group, the odds for the championship are 1 to 151.

Last World Cup CR7

You are already 37 years old, and you still have not become a world champion, perhaps such thoughts come to the head of the legendary Cristiano. However, there is a chance and it will fall out this year. The Portuguese, led by their leader, have an excellent squad and are focused on winning. They will leave the group, and then everything depends on the leaders of the team and on each player. Forecast: exit from the group, the chances for the championship are high: 1 to 13.

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