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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In re: Richard Myers, “Man Without a Party?” Sept. 28. 

To me the greatest threat we have in this country politically, no matter your party affiliation or political views and preferences, is the very sad but undeniable fact that the majority of people in this country have very little understanding of those political things they are always so fired-up over. 

Case in point: Mr. Myers decries both Republicans and Democrats (pretty accurately I will note) and is contemplating becoming a registered “independent.” All well and good, but then he states in his opening: “OK, I will admit it. Even in this Republican stronghold of Valencia, I am a Democrat.” 

The 25th, soon to be the 27th Congressional District has been Blue for quite sometime with the exception of Simi Valley that was removed and replaced by much Bluer Granada Hills in the last redistricting. This district, including the Santa Clarita Valley, which includes Valencia, is dominated by Democrats and independents, not by Republicans… and here and in California those registering as “independents” tend to be far more left-leaning than right-leaning in their political views. Not judging here, just stating the verifiable facts. 

Is the Santa Clarita Valley as deep Blue as the rest of L.A. County and the state? No, it is not, but it is still Blue and not Purple and most certainly not Red. 

Our current U.S. congressman, Republican Mike Garcia, twice defeated his opponent, Democrat Christy Smith, in this district because of his undeniable “cross-over” appeal to voters from across the whole political spectrum, not just from Republicans. 

If you are going to be politically and vocally active, which I would hope all of us would be, do your damned homework and learn about the things you claim to be so concerned about, especially your own  congressional district where you live! 

Rick Barker 


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